“Say It To My Face!”

Posted March 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike

God Save Massachusetts! Duh-val sure won’t!

Fresh back from Israel and England he’s asked for a meeting with Ned and Abby Johnson. He’s ‘hurt’ they didn’t tell him they are moving 1,100 ATMs [jobs] out of Ma$$achu$ett$.

I want them to say that to my face, and I want to see whether there is something we can do,” he told the Harold.

Talk about a dummy just not getting it!

Gee Duh-val – you live in the same town Abby does.  Did you EVER speak with her in these past four (4) years about business, – or about anything?

Or did you just drive that big Caddy past her house and wonder how much more you could tax her?

“Tax the rich – tax the richest 2%!!”

Frankly Duh-val, your 4 years of indifference spoke volumes to your socialist class warfare mentality and your racist inner core.  If Ned and Abby honor your request [you are sending the Caddy – right?], I bet they’ll be far more polite to you than you deserve.

What you deserve is the fairwell handshake.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE:  Thursday, 24 March – – Duh-val hears it face-to-face.

Abby Johnson came to the State House, was quietly polite, and reaffirmed – the jobs are moving.  And being a lady – she wouldn’t comment to the press.

3 Responses to ““Say It To My Face!””

  1. Craig Hurlbut

    Deval, you just don’t get it. Fidelity isn’t leaving because of a lack of taxpayer give-aways.

    It’s because your “leadership” style kills jobs and business. Is this the “change we can believe in” because “together we can”?

  2. togetherwecan

    Deval, why didn’t you give Fidelity the same deal you gave Evergreen Solar. That worked out well. OH YEAH, that’s right they told you to go F yourself and then screwed to China.

  3. Wally

    This is as much a problem of government meddling than a Governor not paying attention. In 1996 Fidelity, and other mutual funds, threatened to leave Massachusetts for the greener pastures of Rhode Island. The response was to pass targeted tax breaks for that industry. We do the same kind of thing for the Film industry, and even more direct subsidies for firms like Evergreen- so-called Green Energy. The Bio-tech industry gets similar special treatment. Of course these industries that get this special treatment get special highly-compensated quasi-state agencies to help them.

    It seems to me that the Republican alternative should be for the state to get out of the business of favoring one industry over another (particularly the venture capital elements), and make the business climate better for all. Six years ago I formed a corporation for my consulting work. I was able to purchase a high deductible Medical Insurance plan to protect myself against catastrophic loss. I was able to save 10% on the premium by paying the premium annually (just to give you an idea how cheap it was). I had a heart condition, and I had to pay prescriptions and doctor visits out of my pocket. Even so, I saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. These kinds of plans are no longer legal,- and this is just one example of the micro-managing Massachusetts does to inhibit business.