“Publicity Stunt” Governor Patrick?

Posted September 28th, 2011 by Iron Mike

On Monday morning Marshfield went into LOCKDOWN while police scoured neighborhoods and woods looking for Marcelo ‘Bronco’ Almeida who had just killed his common-law wife Patricia Frois.

BOTH killer and victim are ILLEGAL aliens.  Tuesday our socialist governor responded to questions about the Secure Communities Program by calling ita publicity stunt’.

Look at your hands Duh-valyou have more blood on them! YOU could have prevented this murder – and the others!

Feb 13th Brockton: Illegal Alien Luis Gauman flies back to Ecuador just hours after tossing the bodies of Maria Avelina Palaguachi-Cela and her 2-year old son Brian into a dumpster.

August 20th Drunken Illegal Alien Nicholas Gauman [relation?] also from Ecuador drags Matt Denice ¼ mile through Milford under his pickup truck – then backs over him. He had SEVERAL PREVIOUS ARRESTS.

Sept 24th Drunken Illegal Alien Eduardo Torres – already twice deported to Mexico – is arrested for his 6th DUI in Boxborough. [Nobody died this time].

Sept 26th Angry Illegal Alien Marcelo ‘Bronco’ Almeida stabs Patricia – killing her. HE HAS PREVIOUS ARRESTS!!??!!  Just three months ago he was arrested for almost hitting a police car. WHY WASN’T HE DEPORTED THEN?

We ‘get it’ Duh-val; – you are a committed one-world international socialist – JUST like your buddy Obama.

You don’t believe in borders or nations, and you think that anything here in the USA should be available to the rest of the world – just for the taking.

I would ‘respectfully’ disagree, . . .except I have ZERO respect left for you.

You lied to the voters when you ran for office, and you have failed to faithfully execute your sworn oath of office. You should resign.

Frankly, I think the victims estates’ and surviving relatives have a pretty good class action case against you. Since you repeatedly refused to perform your legal duty – you do not have the usual ‘hold harmless’ protections accorded to elected officials.

MOONBATS BEWARE!! Your governor is letting drunken illegal aliens roam our roads and highways at will.

If YOU are killed, – he considers it ‘acceptable collateral damage’ – because he REALLY WANTS their votes and their financial support.

What? You say they can’t vote’?

Yeah? Ever heard of ACORN, La Raza, and Neighbor-to-Neighbor

That’s right, they’re voting by the busloads – often a dozen times a day in a dozen precincts. Don’t expect Bill Galvin or Martha Coakley to investigate. Remember Martha says ‘it’s not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts’.

So drive carefully, and defensively.  And don’t worry about who’s raking your yard, making your pizza, or cleaning your house. What’s 160,000 illegals between MassMoonBats?

And wouldn’t you know – even as I was drafting this entry an 11-year old girl in Ipswich was hit by yet another illegal alien from BrazilWanderson DaSilva-Neto – who has no driver’s license.

 How many more Duh-val,
    . . . how many more?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Call Duh-val:  617  725-4005  Toll Free:  888  870-7770
Ask the Governor about Obama’s DUI / Illegal uncle Onyango Obama!

One Response to ““Publicity Stunt” Governor Patrick?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Last night on Fox local news, Marybeth Heffernan, the useless Director Of Public Safety, was grilled by Maria Stephanos about Secure Communities and true to form she avoided and danced around the questions. Maria, to her credit, was obviously annoyed. The Duh val hacks have been given their talking points, public safety be damned it’s a pulicity stunt. When the sheriffs from Bristol, Plymouth and Worcester held a presser today the illegal advocacy demonstrators were there, they don’t work, to do their best to disrupt three lawmen who are upholding their oath to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth.