“Press” Piles On Scott Brown

Posted October 7th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Our brave new world – where a snooty Harvard professor [Democrat/female] can make snide sexist remarks, but a sitting US Senator [Republican/male] gets pilloried for retorting.

The question that began this back-and-forth was a designer set-up at Tuesday’s debate: “Scott Brown earned his way through college in part by posing for Cosmopolitan. How did you pay for college?

Dizzy Lizzy snapped back “Well, I kept my clothes on!”  At the moment it seemed rehearsed.

In a radio interview the next day Scott quipped “Thank God!”. Now the resident sexist police at the Herald are calling Scott’s remarks ‘below the belt’?

Since the Herald was a partner in hosting the debate – the question was designed and planned to start a tiff. Once again we see the ‘press’ making news and setting agendas, – honest reporting be damned!

In most Boston homes there are two photos on the mantle – JFK and the Pope.

Thus for decades the ‘press’ in Boston – the Globe and the Herald – made a good living selling all news Kennedy.  It was all good for circulation, – the election victories, – the murders, – the scandals, – sex with the under-age babysitter, – the rape trial, – the drunken driving episodes, – the divorces, – the untimely deaths, and the funerals.

Scott Brown headlines have been few and far between, – and mostly boring. Scott doesn’t sell papers.

So even though a Democrat-dominated government runs counter to the best interests of an honest newspaper – the Herald has apparently decided to champion the Warren campaign – to the noticeable exclusion of the other five (5) Democratic candidates. 

The Globe’s interest in this moment is noticibly less – maybe because they didn’t sponsor the debate.

Does the potential of a US Congress stacked solidly against US business interests seem like less a survival threat than the continued erosion of circulation among Boston’s aging population of Kennedyphiles?

Seems so. C’mon Herald – chime in here – tell me why I’ve got it wrong!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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  1. Varvara

    Women have always complained they want to be treated equally, to have the same opportunities as men. When they get the opportunities and are treated as one of the guys they complain or someone complains for them that they are not being treated fairly. Such is the case here.