“Justice Day” in Wisconsin

Posted April 5th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Justice Prosser - - Asst AG Kloppenburg

HOLD THE PHONE!!  Judge, don’t pack up quite yet!  Waukesha County was rechecking votes – they just found Brookfield’s ballots – you just went ahead by 7,582!  Ms. Kloppenburg, Ma’am, don’t quit your day job just yet.

UPDATE:  Wednesday,  2:21 pm CDT –   A Winner! ?  Kloppenburg 50% [slim 204 vote lead] 740,090 over Prosser 50% 739,886 with 100% of precincts now reporting.  Looks like a 43% voter turnout.  The 204 vote difference is 0.00138% by my math. Given the very slow trickle of the absentee count, I smell fraud and a recount.  I think we’re looking at extra innings Folks.

One of Wisconsin’s seven Supremes is up for re-election, and everybody is in the fight.  It’s a choice between the old crime-fighter DA and the Peace Corps environmentalist.  Guess which side the unions and the Obama goons are on?

From The Isthmus:

David T. Prosser Jr.
Age: 68
Bio: Chicago native, raised in Appleton; single; DePauw University and UW Law School grad; former Outagamie County DA, U.S. Justice Department official and congressional aide; state Assembly rep from 1979 to 1996; served briefly on Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission; appointed to the Supreme Court in 1998; reelected in 2001.

JoAnne Kloppenburg
Age: 57
Bio: Born and raised in Connecticut, in Madison since 1985; husband and three kids; Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana in late 1970s; Yale and UW Law School grad; interned for Shirley Abrahamson and clerked for federal Judge Barbara Crabb; state assistant attorney general since 1989, specializing in environmental issues.

What’s at stake is the fate of the Budget Repair Bill – which will have to come before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Remember Dane County Judge Sumi put a TRO on it?  [She’s the one whose son works for the SEIU.]

Right now with Prosser there is a 4-3 Republican majority.  If Kloppenburg wins today,  the Budget Repair Bill will die before the bench.


It’s easy to vote in Wisconsin:

How do I register to vote?

To vote in Wisconsin you need to be registered. You can register any time up to and including election day. Before an election, you can register in person at your city clerk’s office, or by completing a voter registration application and mailing it to your city clerk. On election day, you can register at your polling place with ID and proof of address.

If Wisconsin voters want to avoid having their state go bankrupt, they’ll stand with their governor and re-elect Justice Prosser. 

If they want the unions to push them over the edge, they’ll elect Kloppenburg.

Voters probably never had a clearer choice.  And never has there been a clearer opportunity for voter fraud.  Voters will NOT be asked for photo IDs per Channel 3000.com:

Madison City Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl said the rules for Election Day haven’t changed since the spring primary.  “You can use a utility bill, or any government check or government document, paycheck, bank statement, or your driver’s license or ID card. But the important thing is that it has your name with your current address.”

She is predicting a 60% voter turnout because of the high number of absentee ballots that have been returned already.

Gee, you don’t ~ think ~ that Donald Trumpka’s AFL/CIO, the SEIU, or Obama’s Organizing for America would do anything ‘funny’, do you? 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to ““Justice Day” in Wisconsin”

  1. karl b. hensel

    I personally care about party affiliation. I believe a persons views though may be close to a parties, one must hold true to each issues opinion. I would not vote a certain way due to that is what that party is pushing. These people are pros at politics, each decision is based on how you will react so they will stand a better chance of reelection. I can not believe that our path to prosperity is by turning over more wealth to the insanely wealthy. These are the same folks who drove our housing and financial institutions into the ground, and were punished with bail outs and bonuses. I hope all of our values are alike in regards to the poor and middle class. I can not believe that anyone would allow citizens to go hungry, homeless, sick, or hopeless in the fact they are alone, just to balance a budget. The wealthy need to pay their fair share as they are only creating jobs over seas. Everyone is SOOOOO concerned about the kids and grand children yet cuts are made in education, proposal to lower the minimum wage for student are taking place? Look up alternative energy components and I am positive the top manufacturers are overseas, why?. These nations know whats needed yo get ahead and stay there. High tech is the answer. We all will not benefit as their are many who are well invested in oil and send the people to Washington to bribe our representatives. Within one year I believe there will be a national disaster that will make 9/11 look like a house fire. This is the only means in which all Americans will join. I find it very sad its these occasions that are the cohesion of Americans. In closing, I will leave it up to the people who buy the people in Washington and the ones that are bought to set the rules which you live and die with, in the meantime I will make my own rules as written in my book and protect my country of twelve (family). No man or its people will harm, force upon them rules in which they disagree and allow noone to touch what is mine. I respect and extend my best wishes to all of you and may your lives be filled with happiness.