Young Kennedy Gets Tapped For Duty

Posted January 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Pelosi probably thinks it’s a brilliant move – pick the cute young scion of the Kennedy Crime Cartel to deliver the Democrat’s anti-Trump rebuttal to the SOTU.

Hypocrisy much?  Kennedy’s stock portfolio just got 40% fatter since Trump was elected,  – and he’s going to bitch to us about “Russian Collusion”, Killing ISIS, DACA, and Tax Cuts?

I have to wonder how and why he was picked, – being so junior….

Have Democrats forgotten all the scandals the name Kennedy conjures up?

Who picked young Kennedy, – and WHO got PASSED OVER?

By tradition and cunning,  the person who gets to deliver the SOTU rebuttal is usually someone being groomed for higher office….

So young Kennedy – a man who never served a day in uniformnever held a private sector job,  or had to make a payroll,  – will be lecturing us about how wrong Trump is for America and the World,  – and of course for the Environment….

Should be interesting….

6 Responses to “Young Kennedy Gets Tapped For Duty”

  1. John Pagel

    The kennedy family should be outlawed from breeding.

  2. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    This red headed fool is a liberal idiot. I thibk if his great uncle John Kennedy was alive today he would smack this little shit.

  3. Panther 6

    The gent is a turd but he has the Kennedy name, charm, looks and money and many in our electorate would vote for a monkey named Kennedy with those attributes. Perhaps he will run off a bridge. Mike’s comment about his background and life experience is right on. And this dippy is going to attack someone who is making a difference. Should no be happening but Ms. PeeLoosely will see that it does. The demorats are in deep trouble. The woman has several screws loose, slurring her speech is a minor problem compared to the look in her eyes,,WOW. Just my midget opinion.

  4. Walter Knight

    Democrats don’t want the face of their party to be black, so they are putting a Kennedy out front to recite the talking points. Think it will swim? They’ll need a teleprompter.

  5. Kojack

    Whatever his rebuttal, the increasingly marginalized pool of communist midget-minds in the DEMOCRAP party, including their hardened artery voters, will support it.

  6. Mt Woman

    I bet Seth Moulton is fuming–as a matter of fact, I can see the steam coming from his ears all the way to Metro-west


    The failed marine didn’t suck up enough!

    Do a google image search for “Seth Moulton with Nancy Pelosi”,….you’ll come up empty.