You Slept For Five Days Maybe?

Posted March 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

How else could you have missed those five days?

3 Responses to “You Slept For Five Days Maybe?”

  1. MC

    Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant. (Maybe this man really lives like a mole.) Goodness I can’t stand a liar !! The citizens of this Great Republic should be holding their politicans to their own standards.

  2. J Flick

    Where is the media? I could vomit after watching this. Yes, vomit. At least I AM honest…

  3. britsarmymom

    It’s understandable that your next post relates to Obama’s treatment of Israel:
    Weekly Standard: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, against whom Obama was said to be “boiling with rage” after the Jerusalem housing announcement, got the complete slate of Washington meetings: Clinton, Gates, Biden, Obama. But the meetings were virtually secret: The White House did not permit a single photo to be taken of the Oval Office session, an unprecedented snub. Same at State: no ceremony, no press conference.

    I do believe the Dali Lama received the same “red carpet” treatment, as he was escorted out the service entrance through bags of WH trash.