You MUST do this. Today. No excuses.

Posted October 19th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

Here’s a link to a video by Trevor Loudon.  He’s a researcher from New Zealand who’s done extensive research about Obama’s communist (not just socialist) ties.

In addition, look at it yourself… right here…  you will be amazed.  So, take the link above… and do all of the items in the list below.  It’s vitally important.  Don’t let any opportunity go unused to make sure that the election goes in favor of Mitt Romney.

The steps you must take are:

  • Post the link on your facebook page
  • Post it on friend’s facebook pages
  • Post it on every political facebook page you can find (search for gop or republican or obama to find them
  • Send an email to all your friends with the link in the body of the message
  • Create a short tweet to your twitter friends and include the link in your tweet.

You must do as much as you can.  The stakes are too high.

2 Responses to “You MUST do this. Today. No excuses.”

  1. mike grammont

    I just posted this to four Tea Party Facebook pages.

    Thank you.

  2. Hans Riemer

    I’m normally very skeptical of so-called conspiracies. This is different, this guy cites names, dates and places. Well-researched and a very sobering and chilling look at where our country may well be heading. I posted to my social media connections and shared with my friends. This needs to go viral.