Yet Another Terrorist Attack In Paris

Posted August 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The children and the grandchildren of the colonial ‘refugees’ are busy killing their benefactors.

Like England,  France let their North African colonial civil servants come home to the Mother Country – assuming they would assimilate and become as productive French citizens as they’d been as colonial civil servants. 
Just the opposite happened.

It was basic Christian charity which caused the colonial masters to have concern for the lives and welfare of their colonial servants.   Many had served English and French masters for generations – enjoying prosperity,  prestige,  and an elevated life style. 

Revolution in the colonies was bringing this all to a terrible end, – and reprisals were likely.

So England and France brought them home.  Gratitude was short-lived,  – replaced quickly by resentment.  The first generation of refugee children born in England and France didn’t assimilate well,  and their children became antagonistic,  – and there were a LOT of them.

With the rise of al Qaeda and ISIS – and other groups in Africa and the Middle East, the grandchildren of the refugees see a much different future – where they take over the colonial masters, – convert or kill the non-believers,  – and take control of France’s Nuclear Arsenal.

It is the nightmare scenario.

And this past May the French decided to go with the left-leaning boy – Emmanuel Macron as their next President.  It signaled they were more ready to surrender to the enemy within – than fight to survive.

I suspect they’ll be sorry before it’s over.

The QUESTION for Americans is – can we,  – will we,  – learn from the European’s experience?

Will our own leftists realize that Kipling was right,  – or will they insist that “We’re all just one big happy family” – and force unlimited immigration of hostile peoples into the United States.

The QUESTION for the Left is:   Where in the entire WORLD have Muslims immigrated and assimilated peacefully?

ATTENTION COPS!  You and military personnel are TARGETS of this new form of jihad.

Any Muslim with a car, a van, or a truck could be looking for you as a target of opportunity – particularly as you stand duty at a roadside construction site.  Stay Alert!

And NO – these acts are not ‘criminal’ – they are WAR CRIMES!

When someone dressed in civilian clothes lurks in an unmarked BMW – then plows into a squad of soldiers on a city street – that is the very definition of WAR CRIME.

A military tribunal and a firing squad are the prescribed solutions – as written in the Hague and Geneva conventions.

UPDATE:  Thurs 10 Aug 2017   BMW terrorist CAPTURED ALIVE!  (sort of)  French police shot the bastard 5 times (need more range time) – Hamou Bachir age 36 aka Benlatreche, – an illegal immigrant from from Algeria.

Still no Death Penalty in France – because they’re ‘so evolved’!

2 Responses to “Yet Another Terrorist Attack In Paris”

  1. Mt Woman

    Perhaps the real reason by Macron seemingly is making nice with President Trump–he understands that his way is not working out all that well.

  2. Kojack

    Lib-TURD’s will NEVER abandon political correctness – even when they’re standing in line waiting for some form horrific execution. The globalists/establishment, like Soros for example, are allied with the jihadis – they want to ensure America’s destruction and will decry a muslim ban as racist or anti-religion.