Yet Another Islamic Calling Card

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Judge Watson,…Judge Chuang,…are you paying attention? 
THIS is why President Trump wants a temporary travel ban!  Innocent people are being slaughtered – world-wide – – by Muslims!

This atrocity was a remote (not suicide) nail bomb aboard a Saint Petersburg subway car.  A second device was found in another station.  The bomber(s) are in the wind.

Judge Watson,…Judge Chuang,…are you paying attention?

The bombers could be coming here – from Russia,  – flying in to JFK from Moscow,  with Russian passports.

Do you ASSHOLES think that ~ maybe ~ we should halt Muslim immigration for 90 – 180 days,…until we get a grip on what’s happening?

During WWII America rounded up and interned some 120,000 Japanese Americans – most of whom had been born here,…out of a fear that some might be enemy agents.

Sadly they were probably the most loyal of Americans,  and from those camps came three battalions of Japanese-American troops who fought valiantly.

And today,  since 9/11 – many Muslims have put on our uniform and served heroically and with honor.


If we cannot successfully sort out Muslims in the strict confines of our Military,  – why are you two judges willing to risk the lives of helpless innocent Americans?

At some point this continued Islamic war against the West is going to produce a violent and bloody backlash.  Terrorist murders and rapes across Europe and Russia will eventually be met by roving bands of armed citizens,  – who will kill all the Muslim men they can find.

It will be gruesome,…and governments will be all but powerless to stop it,  – because their police and their military will be fully sympathetic to the armed citizens.

In America only the Media and the Democrat Party will remain steadfastly blind to the emerging truth,….that we have been thrust into a war – one that Christopher Columbus sought to avoid by sailing west,…away from it.

Every American killed by Islamic terrorism on American soil from today forward rest squarely on the Obama Cartel and on Judges Watson and Chuang.

And these two left-wing Obama-appointed judges – with their “FUCK TRUMP” attitude,  will have blood on their hands.

MEMO TO LIBERALS:  An American is not “Islamophobic” if he or she understands that there are over 1 Billion Muslims in the world;….and understands that at least 5% of them desire to obey the letter of the Qur’an and KILL US...

That’s NOT Islamophobia,…that’s called understanding the FACTS!

2 Responses to “Yet Another Islamic Calling Card”

  1. Walter Knight

    Democrats will risk our security for a few more votes in close elections.


    In Democrat-run precincts – the Martyrs will be voting for decades – as will each of their 72 virgins….

  2. Sonny's Mom

    This news article includes surveillance images of a potential suspect, photos of emergency responders at work, and one of the second device after being disarmed: