Yemen – Fort Hood – Ohio State

Posted November 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Neither our Bible nor our Constitution were written to be suicide pacts,  but liberals have used both to weaken us.
It’s way past time to wake up and smell the jihad.
Despite fear of the Kraken,  Columbus sailed west specifically because sailing east meant near-certain death at Muslim hands.   524 years later,…damned little has changed.
We’re going to need better governors and mayors – ASAP! 

Monday’s jihad at Ohio State by ‘Somali refugee’ Abdul Razak Ali Artan was just the latest in a long string of attacks by home-grown Muslims. 

Our enemy is within our city walls….and too often we’re subsidizing their jihad….

Anwar al-Awlaki was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico;   – Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal was born in Arlington County, Virginia.   Both proved pure evil – and very anti-American.

stupid-people-make-bad-leadersLiberal mayors and governors who see their roles as ‘Princes of EBT Cards and Housing Vouchers’,…

  – and who blithely justify it as their ‘Christian Duty’,  – are manifestly ignorant of History,  – and deliberately uninformed about current world events.

The 7th Century barbaric cult of rape and death which swept out of Arabia and across most of the civilized world for nearly 900 years – is on the move again.   

Today they ride 747s and land at our best airports,  – often whisked through customs with barely a glance under the watchful eyes of Obama’s State Department.

They’re not ‘refugees’;  – they’re invaders!

They don’t need automatic rifles and machine guns;  – Ohio State just showed us that a borrowed car and a butcher knife work just fine.

Trump can stop or slow the flow come January 21st.

But it is up to 50 governors and thousands of mayor to keep watch until 2018 – when American voters must cull out the weak minds and too-soft hearts,  – those who will not protect us,   – but who will feed our enemies with our own food,….in perverted sense of ‘Christian Duty’….

…and then make excuses when they kill and rape.

ONE MORE THING AMERICA: we must bring back the Death Penalty in all 50 states for the murder of a Police Officer – or any act of jihad.

If they want to go see Allah, – we must help them get there quickly.

They should not be allowed to remain in our prisons for decades,  preaching their cult of hate to other prisoners,  – who may be converted,…and then be released….

There ~ may ~ be ‘peaceful Muslims’…somewhere….

But while they smile at you today,  Islam can NEVER be the friend – or even coexist – with free peoples.

Coexist ISIL Version

MEANWHILE:  Do NOT be an unarmed and defenseless civilian!

6 Responses to “Yemen – Fort Hood – Ohio State”

  1. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    The world is so threatening out there. Thank goodness we have leaders to protect us here in Massachusetts…

    Elizabeth Warren
    Ed Markey
    Maura Healey
    Charlie Baker

  2. Varvara

    They are not refugees, they are not migrants, they are invaders. They log on to their online magazine that teaches them how, where, when, and why to kill Christians. They are military age, between 20 and 40 and have been trained to take off heads, make bombs, gouge eyes out, rape and murder.

  3. Hawk1776

    They say Islam is a peaceful religion; current events says otherwise. The only thing they have contributed to the US is terrorism. Time to get rid of them.

  4. Panther 6

    Yes they are invaders, and like it or not islam is not a religion of peace for a large number of its adherents. Most of the rest are simply fellow travelers who say nothing and tolerate the muslim killers. The lad in Ohio, a MUSLIM, adherent of the faith, drove his car into a crowd and then started attacking folks with a knife just as ISIS has been asking its adherents to do. AND now our media, including FOX does not have the courage to call him terrorist let alone MUSLIM TERRORIST which is just what he was. May he realize now that there are not 72 virgins waiting for him to do his bidding.

  5. Catherine

    Any truly peaceful muslim will be on OUR side – because peaceful muslims are ON THE LIST of those to be killed, brutally. As much as these actions sicken us, worldwide it is the moderate and peaceful muslims who are being killed in greater numbers than non-muslim westerners. To say that radical islamists come from a “religion of peace” is an affront to all the moderates getting slaughtered in other areas of the world.

    The radicals are after EVERYONE who is not as radical as they are themselves.

  6. Jim Buba

    (Gag!) It is said that one in twelve muslims is radical and the rest are peace-loving and moderate.

    The reality is that ten of the remaining eleven will take the blade and gun to join the one, fearing only that not doing so, will likely mean they are to be killed first by the one.

    After clearing out a region or zone, all those possessions have no owner and no court will assign or probate further, for they would be next.

    Add that to the prohibition of a muslim killing another muslim; with exception of course to an enemy muslim or one that does not conform to the other, and you have exactly what we have had since 622 Ano Domini

    Perhaps a 55-gallon can of Whoop Ass is in order?

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