World Opinion on Ovacation…

Posted August 11th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Remember when PresO was running and everyone on the L said that he would raise the standard for America around the world?  Well, this video tells a story where even the Chinese message can be understood.  We’re a laughingstock due to the hubris of our VOTUS (that would be Vacationer of the United States).  rr

One Response to “World Opinion on Ovacation…”

  1. Iron Mike

    But Rabid, don’t you understand that HRH Princess Michelle met with Saudi Royalty, and is bringing back Billions in US Greenbacks on that plane – to be used in Democrat/Socialist campaigns this Fall. That’s why Jessie Jackson Jr went whih her. He knows how to shake a tree. [He might be shakin’ her too, since Barry likes boys].