Women’s March? Or Parade Of Gullible Fools?

Posted January 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

If it was 1,000,000 women nationwide – all “fearing what Trump would do…” and demanding respect for their womanhood,….what exactly did they expect would result?

What they proved is they all have enough money for a trip to DC,  a vagina hat,  and a return ticket home. Thus they’re not impoverished.

Maybe a tad course (even ‘sexist’?),  but this Facebook posting has a lot of truth in it…

At some point in the afternoon I was flipping channels – and heard the ‘hosts’ on MSNBC openly sympathizing with the marchers [absolutely not news reporting], and totally castigating the President – in office for just about 28 hours…

It’s going to be messy.   Between the media,   Hollywood, and the charlatans,  – they are determined to brand Trump as the ‘second coming of Hitler’….  And there are so many young Americans who never learned history – it will be a too-easy sell.

Sheer stupidity marched Saturday!  Did they really think that a million vagina hats could cause Trump to resign…?  Or be ‘impeached’…?  They were spouting words without understanding their meaning,…or the consequences.

Did they learn about changing governments from the Italians?

How many marchers – marching for “Rights” and “Equality” were aware that one of the march organizers is a MUSLIM ACTIVIST – who openly promotes Sharia Law?

Cleverly Linda Sarsour – who has direct connections to Hamas,  – tells her followers that Sharia Law will mean interest-free credit cards.  She fails to explain the role of women under Sharia….

But most of these women were quiet Hillary supporters, – and being lazy they simply believed all the fake news and fake polls all last year.   Few did anything themselves to get her elected.   No messy bumper stickers on their Priuses.

Did they ever ask where their pink vagina hats were made…?


Like every liberal group to march on Washington since the Bonus Marchers (Google it),  – they left the place a frigging trash-heap.

It is how they were RAISED – to assume Government will do it….

These LibTurd women fully expect GOVERNMENT to take care of their problems,  – whether it’s a used protest sign they don’t want to carry home,…or the unintended and unwanted consequence of having sex with a man they wouldn’t dream of marrying….

.so they really want FREE birth control,  – FREE abortions,  and of course FREE trash service…..



If you should ~ happen ~ to meet one of these marchers,…and things start to get ‘nice’,…particularly with Valentine’s Day approaching….

…and you’re back at her place “to discuss women’s issues” – of course…

…and you find her leading you to her bedroom….


.because if she’ll leave this kind of trash in her wake in our National Capital,…

.you might find used condoms still stuck to her sheets!

5 Responses to “Women’s March? Or Parade Of Gullible Fools?”

  1. Mt Woman

    Love it!!! In 24 hours, Trump got 1 million fatties off their ass and into the streets walking!! You are too funny, Mike:)

  2. Jim Gettens

    To those marchers: Stop GLOBAL WHINING–Just Shut Up!!!

  3. Hawk1776


    I Love it.

  4. Catherine

    And another one of the “honored speakers” was in jail for twenty-seven years (and let out WAY too soon!) for torturing and murdering a man. GREAT choices there… just sayin’


  5. Kojack

    The “march” against some IMAGINARY INSTUTIONALIZED OPPRESSION against women is in and of itself an OXYMORON…..what would have happened if they tried it in say, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Quarter, Yemen, etc.?!?!? Maybe they need to experience sharia law for themselves so as to put things in their proper perspective.

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