Witch Hillary In Buffalo

Posted October 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Butcher of BenghaziBrace For The 2016 Freight Train!  

It was a MoonBat love fest in Buffalo where Alumni Arena was sold out [tickets: $35 – $70] to hear Hillary tell them how government should operate.

One sole heckler yelled at her about Benghazi she smoothly turned it into an applause line.  That these women care nothing about Benghazi is frightening for our future!  Video below the fold.

NOTE CAREFULLY:  The warm fuzzy glowing tones both the anchor and the field reporter use in describing the event and Hillary. There is no ‘journalism’ happening here, – the ‘press’ has already signed on to her campaign.

 Four bad choices – the best the Socialists can offer. Five really, it’s too early to count Moosechelle out!4 Bad Choices

2 Responses to “Witch Hillary In Buffalo”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The next presidential election is going to be pretty ugly. Especially if the RNC saddles us with another Rino. If they do, I’ll be thinking real hard about a 3rd party.

  2. Tom

    Hillary is the front runner and will continue to be so when she is approved by acclimation by the DNC. She is the perfect segway to the current dictator in chiel, just another Alinskyite victim and the “first woman” presidential candidate. The slogan for her candidacy ” Elect Monica Lewinsky’s ex boyfriend’s wife”.