Will You Punish Your Critter?

Posted October 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

How did YOUR Congress Critter vote?
Niki Admits Guilt

Will you hold them accountable next November?   Are you keeping score?

3 Responses to “Will You Punish Your Critter?”

  1. Hawk1776

    Well, the entire Massachusetts delegation except for Stephen Lynch voted for Obamacare. That includes John “Mr Secretary” Kerry and Paul Kirk, appointed by Deval to fill the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. Kirk vote “yea” even though Scott Brown, the man elected to replace Kennedy, opposed Obamacare.

    Well Democrats, you own this mess now. How are you going to blame Bush for it?

  2. Tom

    I have personally held Niki responsible, not only for her vote, but the lies she told during her town meetings prior to the ”08 elections and thereafter. She has continued to be a major mouthpiece for the administration and the Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.

    She has no remorse, has been silent on the website debacle and obviously, although she is a true believer, cares little for her constituents. Her only concern is reelection, double and triple dipping from the taxpayers and continuing her Marxist progressive ideology.
    Anyone that votes for her is either a low information voter, an entitlement parasite, or no better than she is.

    Will the Mass GOP put up a credible candidate? My confidence is low.

  3. Kojack

    The dumbo-RATs will continue to vote for their incumbent demon-RATs and RiNO’s.