Will The Red Chinese Start Another War?

Posted October 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

What the hell are they after on Subi Reef?   This morning they’re pissing themselves,  – saying that a US destroyer sailed through their territorial waters….  Really?  580 miles from China?  Vietnam and the Philippines are closer…
China claims Subi Reef
Why is China acting like a schoolyard bully?



In their ‘Grand Scheme’ – China knows that if it can stake a claim to this huge swath of open ocean between China and the Philippines and Malaysia, – and bully all the nations in the region into accepting their hegemony, – they will control all trade, fishing, and oil drilling in the region.
Chinese dredging

By building a base on Subi Reef, – and soon on other low-lying islands and reefs in the region, – they will have arch-enemy Taiwan surrounded and cut off.

What do they risk?

In one sense, – they risk every life and every Yuan [dollar] they’ve put on that reef,  – because even a moderate typhoon could wash everything away inside an hour.

Expendable Chinese

But China has lots of people, – a few thousand won’t be missed,  and are easily replaced.

Their biggest risk is the embarrassment ‘loss of face’ if a miscalculation or Mother Nature blows up in their face….

Obama objecting? Forgetabouthim! He’s a PUSSY!

They’ve been watching Obama for a long time – from when he was in the Illinois Senate. They know him better than we do, – in part because they get to read his emails and listen in on his phone calls….

They know he’s a coward who can’t even talk without teleprompter, – and that he wants to “Lead from Behind”…[whatever that means]

And they know in the Western Pacific there is nobody else able to take the lead against them. It’s either Uncle Sam – or…or nobody!

So they’re acting quickly while the Obama Pussy is still in command, – because even fellow commie Bernie Sanders might turn out to have a backbone…

Man-Made Climate Change / Global Warming?

While brain-dead DummyCRAPS here are fretting and wringing their hands over which presidential candidate will ‘take serious action to combat Climate Change’ – please note how low-lying Subi Reef is – even AFTER the Chinks built it up.

Could it be that their scientists have long ago dismissed ‘Climate Change’ – and rising sea levels? What do they know – that the alarmists aren’t telling you?


In 1982, the government of Argentina was bankrupt – the government on the verge of collapse.  So they started a war to distract their citizens.

They staged a surprise invasion of the Falkland Islands [they called them las Malvinas] on 2 April 1982.

74 miserable days later on 14 June – Argentina surrendered after a series of humiliating loses and being unable to resupply their starving freezing demoralized troops.

They hadn’t planned on Margaret Thatcher,  Ronald Reagan,  or fighting in a storm-tossed winter.

Then the government was overthrown anyway…

Today China is a stark contrast between the very modern, and the very backward.

Everything depends their ability to be the manufacturing base for the Western World; – which means their good life depends on us electing stupid politicians – like Obama,  and letting a full 1/3 of our people to barely get by on welfare…

So flexing a little naval power, and a little Chinese Bluff, – against weak neighbors like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaya – and a weakened and poorly let USA, – is just the thing to add a layer of legitimacy to the Communist Government.

Area China Claims

The Chinese figure they have nothing to lose – they’re betting Obama won’t bomb one of their major cities…

We could lose an aircraft carrier – maybe an entire carrier group – and do so within the space of just minutes. 

Chinese Navy

Remember that the entire Chinese navy has been built with that sole task in mind.

And if the Chinks do sink a carrier,  – what would the Obama Pussy do?

Obama Indifference

6 Responses to “Will The Red Chinese Start Another War?”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    ” their territorial waters…. Really? 580 miles from China? ”

    Not really relevant. The Falklands are more than 8000 miles from Great Britain and there was a shooting war over them.

    And blaming Obama for this only make sense if one is eager for the US to do the same there. Not a good idea, especially for two nuclear powers. The Chinese have been claiming these waters for a long time. They just never had the wherewithal, economic and military, to act on it.

    “We could lose an aircraft carrier – maybe an entire carrier group – and do so within the space of just minutes. ”


  2. Vlad

    This is a direct result of HNIC’s social experiment with the world…..so yes I’ll blame him and hold him and liberals accountable. I suppose he is not at fault for the spike in violent crime in mostly black cities where the rest of the country has been in a downward trend either? Well there are no republicans there….so who do you suppose we blame. I hope the experiment continues so we can end this liberal sickness from our society….I just pray the rest of us can save it before all is lost.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    How many remember the debate over the Islands of Quemoy and Matsu? These islands lie between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. These islands currently being constructed are well beyond the recognized continental limits and only an aggressive nation would take such a bold step because they know that they will not be challenged. Our do nothing foreign policy fool of a president is more concerned about climate change than our fall from power and grace.

  4. Jim Gettens

    The Chinese Commies’ claims to the South China Sea are entirely bogus based on historical research and illegal under International Law. See “What Lies in the South China Sea,” The Wall street Journal, October 13, 2015

  5. Walter Knight

    China will do nothing. They take a long-view approach to everything.

  6. Lee Yee

    What are the yanks doing in that Chinese region? Go home yanks.

    笨 笨 笨 笨 笨 笨 笨 笨 笨 笨笨 笨 笨 笨 笨

    What are the Yanks doing? Keeping pirates from attacking merchant shipping and private fishing and pleasure boats Lee.
    What? You didn’t know about the pirate problem in the South China Sea?
    The New Pirates

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