Will Hillary’s Vagina Voters Stand By Her?

Posted October 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If lives and national security hadn’t been placed in jeopardy,  this would all be just a dirty locker room joke.
But Hillary’s judgment is now proven to be deeply flawed!  By keeping Huma Abedin on her staff – a woman with a twisted sex pervert husband,  – she risked people’s lives,  and our most intimate national secrets.    And they HAVE BEEN hacked!

Most of Hillary’s faithful flock of bitter aging dowagers don’t really understand national security,  email servers,  or security classifications.

They don’t understand world geography,   economics,  or historical religious and cultural fault lines.

They don’t understand – or even care about the differences between Sunni and Shia.

They DO understand that they want to vote for a WOMAN!

We may never understand how they picked this one deeply flawed career criminal to blindly flock behind.

I’ve always wondered if women who suffered a bad upbringing or a bad marriage see something of themselves in Hillary’s relationship to her priapic ‘husband’ Bill.

And I’ve wondered if lesbian women get ‘the signal’ from Hillary,  – that she’s quietly one of them…?

Now we’ll soon see if enough of these Vagina Voters can grasp the concept of flawed judgment,  – national secrets,  – and compromised email servers;

– or will they still vote for their beloved lying crook.

There 176,000,000 American women – all natural-born US Citizens – over the age of 35, and thus eligible to be elected President.

A small percentage are crooks, liars, whores, even a few murderers…


BUT MOST are honorable, intelligent, knowledgeable and patriotic people who would never compromise our National Security,…

– would never smuggle weapons to drug cartels or ISIS,

– and would never hang four Americans out to dry in Benghazi,

– and never lie under oath about how it all happened….

HOW could the Democrat Party only find this one (1) sick, twisted, greedy, career crook…?  HOW?


Her allies in the Media are stunned by the reopened FBI probe.

They’re scrambling to give her cover and deflect attention to Trump’s alleged sins.

But Hillary’s lifetime of flawed judgment and bad choices,  – combined with her career of lying and cover-ups,….have turned her campaign into a world-wide joke.

With this baggage,  – she can NEVER be an effective president,  – because no nation will ever trust her to keep secrets….

5 Responses to “Will Hillary’s Vagina Voters Stand By Her?”

  1. Panther 6

    I would like to have been a mouse in the corner when Hill Babe confronted Huma on how Carlos Danger got those e-mails. It must have been a bloody massacre.

    As to the vagina dowagers still voting for Hillary, probably. BUT hopefully enough real Americans are listening that they can swing the vote to Donald. Hillary is a loaded gun about to blow our brains out while Donald is Russian roulette with an 8 round cylinder with one round. I will take my chances with The Donald.

  2. Mt Woman

    I like the way media host Laura Ingraham described the difference between Trump and Clinton the other day on Fox: One is crude the other is criminal–you pick…

  3. Leonard Mead

    Carlos Danger’s weiner may straighten out the vagina voter’s thinking and save us from a crooked Hillary victory.

    NY Post “Dickileaks” headlines the event “Stroking Gun.”

    God works in strange ways.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative Apollo Beach, FL

  4. Mt Woman

    For anyone supporting Trump, there will be a standout in Leominster, at the Leominster Connecter tomorrow, Sunday, 3 – 5pm. Bring your signs and or patriotic fervor to the group of Trump supporters.

  5. Kojack

    “Will they still vote for their beloved lying crook.”

    Anyone, vagina voter or not, who has decided to support Hillary Rotten will not be swayed by whatever comes out of this re-opened investigation. Hopefully there are enough un-decide voters left who will break for The Donald.

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