Why Romney Picked Paul Ryan

Posted August 12th, 2012 by Iron Mike

He was thinking
well beyond
the November election.

Mitt was hardly my first pick.  As a ‘Massachusetts Republican’ – he was far too soft on too many issues for me. 

But give him credit, he came on like a steamroller in 2002,  – and again through this year.  He had the $$ and the organization – even if his message was mushy.  He had a plan, he worked his plan, and he crushed his opposition

But winning elections and governing are two different things, – something Obama hasn’t learned.  Obama never stopped campaigning long enough to govern.  Why else to take 4 months to decide on the Afghanistan troop surge?

Picking Ryan was calculated to both help win in November, – and to help turn around our out-of-control ship of state! 

Why not one of the popular senators?  He undoubtedly considered at least five (5) of them: Ayotte, DeMint, Portman, Rubio, and Toomey

Rubio would have been a popular pick, and ~ might ~ have helped bring in some Hispanic/Latino votes.  But probably not enough to deliver any single state.

The real answer is that we / Mitt will badly need
EACH Republican senator come January

Those five are critical, since RiNO Scott Brown may be unseated by Lieawatha Warren

President Romney will need a Republican senate to approve cabinet positions, judges, and to push through ground-breaking legislation.  Things may get close in the Senate, and Ryan may be the tie-breaking vote on a regular basis.

Plus with Ryan’s encyclopedic knowledge of the federal budget,  Romney’s ramp-up time is cut immeasurably shorter.

By contrast, Obama quickly discovered what we all knew Biden is a gaff-prone village idiot who knows NOTHING despite his 36 years in the Senate  He’s worthless!

As I type this I am expecting Biden to be replaced on the ticket.  The DNC hasn’t printed up too many 2012 Obama-Biden bumper stickers.  Obama’s new running mate ~ could ~ be a game-changer, but it will also be an admission that ‘his most critical personnel decision‘ – was an utter disaster.

I’ve been saying for 4 years that Biden was picked simply as a life insurance policy.

So far the Ryan effect seems to be making Mitt sound more enthusiastic, more relaxed and open, – and more Republican!  Suddenly we have a whole new ball game, and the Republican National Convention is still two weeks away!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Why Romney Picked Paul Ryan”

  1. Walter Knight

    Iron Mike, you are alwayz picking on the Village Idiot. It’s Really not nice. Vice President Biden is the cream of the Democratic Party, and I expect him to stay on the ticket.

    I expect a tough debate between Ryan and Biden, especially on the cattle guard issue. Biden might even get the upper hand on that one.