Why Is There Always An Asshole?

Posted November 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

A case of “He said / They said”?   Austyn Crites,  we say you’re an ASSHOLE!
Maybe we’ll never know if he was paid by the Clintons to disrupt the Trump rally last night,  – or if he is just an attention-grabbing lone wolf…..

There was a disrupting Saturday at the Reno Trump Rally. Somebody yelled “GUN!” and the Secret Service executed their protection drill,  – placing their bodies in Harm’s Way as they hustled Trump off stage….

Down in the front of the stage the crowd had already seized and grounded the troublemaker,  – one Austyn Crites – of Reno,  formerly of Chicago.

Austyn ~ claims ~ to be a Republican – who ~ claims ~ to be angry over ‘Trump’s hateful speech’….

Maybe he was just looking for a Clinton Paycheck…?

When it was all over he sniveled to the press that “I was beaten for holding a ‘Republicans against Trump‘ sign”.


Tough shit Asshole!   Looks like you weren’t beaten enough.

Before I could get to the computer this morning other had researched Mister Crites – and found his Facebook posting proclaiming that he was voting for Hillary.


Others found his name 7 times in John Podesta’s WikiLeaks trove….

So whether Crites was looking for a little attention, – or a Clinton campaign paycheck, – he succeeded in getting Trump a little more publicity.

And for his part,…Trump returned to the stage and finished his speech.  Then flew on to Denver and delivered another!

3 Responses to “Why Is There Always An Asshole?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Further testimony that there are more horse’s asses in this country than there are horses…

  2. Kojack

    “Austyn Crites,  we say you’re an ASSHOLE!”

    Just one more ASSHOLE to add to all of the other ASSHOLES who will vote(the TAKER/LIV/KARDASHIAN CROWD) for the re-incarnation of AL CAPONE, even after all of the EMAIL REVELATIONS, SCANDALS and TOTAL FAILED RECORD as SECRETARY OF STATE.

    In light of all this, it is EXTREMELY DEPRESSING that the election is this close. Trump should be winning in a landslide on ethics alone!

    If this doesn’t highlight the LOW BAR OF THE DEMOCRAP PARTY then nothing will.

  3. Mt Woman

    Crites is still wondering where his “Podesta check” is, he heard that some cities were paying up to $1000 and a gallon of ripple to do what he did on Saturday night in Reno.

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