Why Is Obama So Angry At Us?

Posted January 29th, 2010 by Iron Mike

For a man who’s led a charmed life, Barack Obama always sounds angry?  Why?


Wednesday night Obama delivered the longest most rambling and disconnected SotU address in history.  In a speech laden with sarcasm, he scolded and lectured everybody including the Democrats, the Republicans, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the American People, banks, insurance companies, the media, Massachusetts voters, – he didn’t have a word of praise for anybody.  He even ignored the military which is fighting two wars and performing a Herculean rescue operation in Haiti.  And despite obvious voter pushback in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, – he ranted “I won’t quit” as he renewed his push for ObamaCare.  

Then he flew to Florida to promote high-speed trains as a “jobs savior”, and again angrily lectured the crowd and the nation.  Is he angry because only Chris Matthews liked his speech, – or is he just always angry? I think Obama chooses to be angry, and has since he was a teenager.  He says as much in his books [probably ghost written by William Ayers] – when he explains that he chose to assume a Black identity, when he could have been Black, White, half & half, or just ignored the issue and let people accept him as they found him.  Later in college he says he chose to hang with the radicals and the angry young men.  He chose isolation and anger.  He nurtured feelings of hurt and rejection.  He became the darkly unhappy misfit who found comfort in the writings of Saul Alinsky.  

Throughout 2008 America thought we were living in transformative times, – that we had come so far from the days of slavery,  from our own Civil War,  from the worst of Jim Crow and legally enforced segregation that we could finally have a Black president,  and never even consider his race.   Many voters, and certainly our media were so focused on achieving this goal that only a few worried about the content of the man’s character.  Martin Luther King surely would have, Jessie Jackson had his suspicions, but the MSM declared anybody who questioned The MEssiah to be “racist”.  In 2008 to be labeled “racist” was the kiss of death,  and Obama and the MSM played that to the hilt. 

Obama – in what is a tip into his twisted make-up – occasionally let us all know exactly what he would be up to.  Famously he told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to “spread the wealth around”.  Almost unnoticed was his call in Colorado for a “civilian national security force …just as powerful…[as the] military”.  Some of us flashed back to Hitler’s SA – the Brown Shirts, and we were alarmed.  

Upon his election he told a cheering crowd that “ . . .we are about to radically transform . . . America”.  Some Black Americans were hearing “reparations”,  – but most conservatives and Republicans were hearing echoes of Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler.  

So what happened during 2009 to sink Obama’s poll numbers and raise his anger level? 

Even before Nov 2008 when the polls began to show that he would win,  the “Obama Effect” began driving venture and investment capital out of the workplace and into safe hiding.  Unemployment began to rise

Upon taking office Obama assembles a entourage of known leftist kooks, tax cheats, and even criminals as cabinet secretaries and “Czars”.   He demands bailouts for banks, insurance companies, and auto companies.  He fires corporate executives.  This looked like Hugo Chavez nationalizing Venezuela.  

His knee-jerk reaction to the Sergeant Crowley incident showed many Americans that our new president was actually a latent racist, one who would look at every issue through racial lenses.  It was a sad and sobering moment – just five short months into his term. 

He immediately began using his new toy – Air Force One – to fly everywhere in the world and apologize for “America’s past arrogance”.   Our WWII Generation was instantly outraged. Obama had just alienated a big chunk of America’s voting population. 

Without giving specific guidance, he unleashes Nancy Pelosi to formulate ObamaCare.  [But first he conducts secret negations with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.]  Left-wingers and earnest do-gooders are excited, – the call is for “single payer” a code word for national socialized medicine.  But ObamaCare quickly grows into a gigantic monstrosity,  ready to take over 1/7th of the US economy,  and still without tort reform.  Early supporters become concerned, then skeptical, and then worried.  Out across the country TEA Parties begin to form, and their membership grows as thinking Americans begin to understand the numbers, and see through Obama’s socialist plot.  

Obama then uses “man-made Global Warming” as the driving excuse to push through “Cap & Trade” as the means to force us into a green economy and end our dependence on foreign oil.  But he ignores using our own resources, – new nuclear plants, natural gas, offshore drilling, our own coal deposits.  He never mentions the Bakkan oil depositsInvestment capital was now thoroughly frightened, and remained in hiding.  

As Commander-in-Chief, Obama was proving to be either (a). a rank amateur, or (b). secretly working for the Islamists.   With DHS Sect Janet Napolitano already calling terrorist incidents “man-made disasters”,  the attack by an Islamist terrorist at Fort Hood underscored Obama’s inability or unwillingness to confront evil.   Then the announcement by his Communist Attorney Generic Eric Holder that 9/11 mastermind KSM would be tried in civilian court in NYC seemed like rancid icing on a bitter cake.   But there would be worse to come.  On Christmas Day –  failed Nigerian Jihadists crotch bomber Abdulmutallab was read Miranda Rights as if he were a common criminal.   Then we learn that the much touted “National Security Terrorist Interrogation Team”  is non-existent.  It was only a figment of Obama’s imagination – used for continued Bush-bashing.  

Lodge & Brown

In November,  Obama-backed Dems lost governors races in Virginia and New Jersey.  On January 19th Massachusetts handed Obama a smarting in-your-face defeat, – electing Scott Brown the first Republican Senator since Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., and ending the Democratic super-majority in the US Senate. 


Pew – Jan 25th

So America,  we can now understand the reality of Obama.  He is the man who never worked for a living – not even in high school or in college.  He doesn’t know us, – doesn’t care to, and in fact he doesn’t like us very much.  He doesn’t understand the issues that you worry about, – they’ve never been important to him.  And listening to him Wednesday night, – he basically thinks most of you are just too stupid to “get it”.  And that angers him, because you are expected to trust in HIS words, so he can get on with “radically transforming America”.   You’re standing stubbornly in HIS way, and this too angers him. The man who never led, managed, commanded anything – ever,   cannot lead, manage, or command our Young Republic.   He was the poorest of choices, and his skin color and his birth place are meaningless in this equation.  It is all about his obvious leadership shortcomings,  his character flaws,  and that darkly warped inner self which is frustrating him into these ongoing angry outbursts, and which endanger our country on a daily basis.

Today the Washington Examiner suggest that Obama is already bored with being president.  Well, many of us have seen and heard enough already ourselves.  And we have 1086 long angry days to go.  The sad fact is that an angry man can not lead a nation in trouble to anything but further misery.  Obama stickers have been leaving bumpers by the millions.  Soon only the most socialist moonbat-mobiles will still sport one. 

America, if you thought Obama the Socialist was a bad thing,  this year of Obama the Angry will be far worse.  You’ve lived through 2008 – the year of campaign-against-Bush, and 2009 –  the year of “I inherited Bush’s mess“.  Soon Bush won’t get all the blame, – you too will be seen as part of the problem.   Get ready to be called stupid, uninformed, or even a “teabagger”.   But come Nov 2nd,  we should be able to send the angry man into a frothing howling frenzy – and maybe into the Psych ward at Walter Reed . . . .  Then we’ll have to deal with the Village Idiot!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Why Is Obama So Angry At Us?”

  1. Bob Sherunkle

    What the hell is the matter with you? Can you not just focus on America and do the right thing instead of burning down the country because McCain / Palin was a complete clusterfuck?

  2. Ursula Lyons

    I just hope you will not lose your enthusiasm for telling the TRUTH.. all the way up to Nov.2 and beyond (you forgot to mention that the party crashers at the White House are actually connected with Hamas..another indication of Obama’s true leanings)
    Does Obama know that the ‘Tea Party’ ranked higher in popularity than the other parties?
    I would rather be labeled ‘right wing’ than ‘wrong wing’ which is what others should be called.