Why Is John Sandweg Quitting ICE?

Posted February 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The ‘Acting’ Director of ICE – a young criminal defense attorney just 13 years out of law school – with ZERO law enforcement experienceis suddenly resigning his post.
John Sandweg
protegeCould it be, ~  that tracking down on fake SuperBowl jerseys ~ while letting criminal illegals go free doesn’t appeal to his sense of honor? 

Or is this protégé of Janet Napolitano living with darker secrets?  Maybe this young attorney doesn’t want the stink of the Obama Cartel following him for the rest of his life?  He’s been on the job [on his own] – just 5 months!  Jeh Hohnson SecDHS

Or worse,  maybe working for Jeh Johnson was just too insufferable to bear…?  Somebody at ICE knows the real story;  come on guys, leave us a pithy comment!

3 Responses to “Why Is John Sandweg Quitting ICE?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Time to start turning over the rocks, to see what we can find. Too bad there’s no such thing as a good journalist these days.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    The only good journalist is a dead journalist, such was the fate of a very young Andrew Brietbart who died under very suspicious circumstances and now the indictment of Dinish De Souza, the author and producer of 2016, an Obama expose. It takes a very brave, resourceful and fearless journalist to go after the cartel or any one associated with the hierarchy of this so called Democrat (Marxist Socialist) regime and this goes back to and includes the Clinton administration.

  3. CajunCountry

    I shudder to think who the pResident is going to appoint next. Has he appointed a normal person to anything yet? Let’s see .. maybe a Dreamer with Mexican/Iranian beliefs.