Why Does Holder Need Emily Pierce?

Posted January 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Reports are out – seemingly confirmed by tweets – that Roll Call’s Deputy Editor Emily Pierce [somewhat of an expert on the legislative process] – is going to work for Attorney General Eric Holder in his Public Affairs office.
Emily Pierce - to Holder's DOJ
Gee, what can Holder be contemplating – that he needs yet another mouthpiece [spokes-model?] – in a building full of lawyers?

Maybe I’m just over-reacting,  but after watching Holder as our AG for 5 years, – I can have no good feelings about anything he does.  And I doubt he hired Emily without Obama’s [and maybe Michelle’s] approval.

So another ‘journalist’ sells her soul for what, – a résumé credit?  Or for the Progressive statist agenda?

Would I sound too cynical if I was thinking that ~ maybe ~ Holder is trying to put a softer white female face on things he’s about to do to us?

Emily Pierce excited

While we of course wish this young lady the best,  we at RRB feel that anything that gets near Holder [other than handcuffs] will be forever tainted.  Good Luck Emily!

UPDATE:   Thursday, 19 Jan 2017    I guess Emily needs a new job,  – but NOT in the real world.  Way too harsh!   Folks at the UN in NYC are checking on her.   They write papers,  vote against the USA and Israel, – and take 3 hour lunches.   Perfect place for an Eric Holder toady!

One Response to “Why Does Holder Need Emily Pierce?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I wonder which kool-aid she had to drink? Either that, or she had to take a blood oath of loyalty to the dear leader to land the job.