Who Will Homeland Security Be Shooting?

Posted February 12th, 2014 by Iron Mike

They’re buying 141,000 long-range sniper bullets…who are they planning to kill?
DHS buys Hornady 308 bullets
Under Janet Napolitano, DHS spent 5 years buying over 1.5 BILLION rounds of small-arms bullets and shotgun shells – WAY MORE than needed for ‘training‘ or ‘qualification‘.

They bought enough to shoot each American 5 times!   Why?

Jeh JohnsonNow under their new leaderJeh Johnson – they’re buying 141,000 Hornady 308 caliber sniper bullets. These are totally unsuited for ‘target practice’.

It works out to over 300 bullets per Congressional District. 

WHY,…W-H-Y…has nobody in Congress asked the question:  “Secretary Johnson – just who do you intend to shoot?   When,  where, – and under what circumstances?”

It’s for damned sure the Obama Cartel will not be shooting illegal Mexicans!

Americans, not to be crude, – but if the sweat isn’t running down the crack of your ass right now, – you clearly don’t have a clue about how EVIL works!

308 Winchester order

Democrats reading this right now are having a smug smile.  They’re assuming that Obama plans to shoot Republicans and TEA Party protestors.  They might be right.

THINK ABOUT THIS:  Who is Obama planning to actually DO THE SHOOTING?


One sick possibility has occurred to me,….  This could be DHS acting as a ‘straw buyer’ to buy sniper bullets for Obama’s special buddies – the Syrian al-Qaeda linked ‘rebels’.

I think Hornady should mark the shell casings….

5 Responses to “Who Will Homeland Security Be Shooting?”

  1. Tom

    Why has Congress not questioned the purchase of all of this ammunition and in particular these sniper rounds? Just try to buy this 308/776 at your local gun dealer. Not only is it most likely not available, but you may get the fish eye and a note to the local gendarmes. If everyone is not stockpiling ammo for their weapons and investing in a good vest and additional magazines they are not reading between the lines. Lock and load!!

  2. MC

    When you think you have seen it all, this administration doesn’t disappoint. It gives you something else to shake your head over. They will throw up their hands exclaiming “what difference does it make”.

    This most likely wouldn’t have happen years ago but since most members of Congress are either indifferent or non-military, they probably have no idea what the difference is between a .22 caliber or a .308; and if they do, they have no idea the difference in loads. A bullet is a bullet…

    If they only cared.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Anyone who is a Constitution loving small government conservative, already has a target on his/her back.

  4. Wallygatorr@hotmail.com

    There you go again, raising the kook factor. Thanks a lot.


    Kook Factor?

    OK Wally – what’s your learned opinion on why DHS needs 1,500,000,000 rounds of small-arms ammo – and now 141,000 rounds of sniper ammo?

  5. Walter Knight

    Did the government buy more ammo than it needed? Maybe. Why? Just follow the money. With Obama and Chicago politics it’s all about money, payoffs for favors, and redistributing the wealth.