Who leaked to WikiLeaks?

Posted December 7th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

How does one low-level guy get this stuff?  I’ve had security clearances in the Navy.  It’s not easy to do something like this.

Today’s technology does enable some options, however.

All it takes is to have access to scrap computers, hard drives, etc.  They could contain this information. 

 Or network access (unauthorized) to areas that should be controlled.

 The breadth of this, though, seems to me to be a more insidious approach.   That there is a network of people feeding info to this guy.  This is very troubling, but heartening at the same time.  A network of people is easier to break than a single person. 

 One does have to wonder what their motives are/were.  Could it be PresO trying to make Hillary look bad to reduce the competition in 2012?  Could it be Soros trying to show how PresO needs to exert more and more and more control over our lives since it’s obvious that there is not enough now?  Could it be some inside political group who wants to get something… think gays, anti-war, pro-single payer… all these would benefit if there were some outcry to have more government control.

Agendas are plentiful.  There are many fingers to point.  Why is no one in the government investigating this?  Where is the press in figuring some of this out?  (Think back to Watergate… their zeal was limitless.)  rr

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