Who Drowned Loretta Fuddy?

Posted February 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

A skilled video editor from Hawaii spots an apparent Obamacide and shows us her evidence.

Just 9 minutes long – worth your time, and a little scary.

Could it be, – this plane was deliberately landed [‘crashed’] in the ocean where two divers were waiting to pull Loretta under – or inject her with a drug to produce a ‘heart attack’ – like Andrew Breitbart?

Just exactly how did KITV report Loretta’s death – 40 full minutes before either the fire department or the Coast Guard knew?

At the time RRB questioned this death as ‘just too coincidental’,  – i.e. that the ONLY person on that plane who could destroy Obama’s cover managed to drown – when fat people usually float.

Loretta Fuddy Dead

How long before this video blogger gets Obamacided herself will be interesting. The Soros-Obama Cartel has vast resources, and they are utterly ruthless.

Think of the planning if this was a plot,…knowing which plane she’d be on, – making sure the pilot Clyde Kawasaki – could / would execute a precise water landing, – having two divers willing to commit murder, – have a way for them to swim away and not be spotted by rescue boats.

Looks like the only screws-ups were the premature TV announcement, – and some guy on the plane with a GoPro camera… 

Will Clyde Kawasaki now suffer an Obamacide – to keep him quiet?

Certainly the two divers will have to be disposed of…


Here is the link:  http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/extras/

Folks, there is an EVIL embedded in the Obama Cartel which should only be the stuff of fiction – like a James Bond movie villain. 

Our problem is that it is real, ongoing, and was re-elected to a second term.

UPDATE: 29 Oct 2014 The questions continue and the answers all point at foul play!


5 Responses to “Who Drowned Loretta Fuddy?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Nothing the regime does would surprise me at this point.

  2. MC

    A pilot that was too good, passengers who didn’t panic, one with a camera equals “I should have used a drone”?

  3. Walter Knight

    It looks like floatation devices, debris, and people in the water. What, no remote controlled sharks? It must be a conspiracy, the same people that did 9-1-1.

  4. Karen G

    I think it would be interesting to find out more about the pilot…exactly who is he?

  5. Hilary Pete

    Here is a slightly different, but very clear idea of what happened – clear, no doubt – DIVERS