White Thugs: Parsons & Varrichione

Posted April 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Parsons and VarrichioneHow come these guys are out on “Personal Recognizance”?

These college football players 6′ 6” Craig ‘CJ’ Parsons of Boston College and his high school buddy 6′ 4” Anthony Varrichione of Marist College, – savagely beat a homeless Boston man – Michael Hudson – on the night of January 26th.

Hudson was apparently begging outside a gated complex, and refused to move away. Parson knocked him unconsciousness, then smashed his head into the pavement “three or four times’.

Could have been worse, but a lady passing by played SuperWoman – jumping astride the unconsciousness Hudson and shielding him from probable death.

Seems like a double standard for white football players to me….? Will somebody please ask Suffolk Clerk-Magistrate Gary D. Wilson about his reasoning?

I wonder if such behavior ~ might ~ have been fueled by performance enhancing drugs or human growth hormones…?

2 Responses to “White Thugs: Parsons & Varrichione”

  1. Casey Chapman

    roid rage, but because they are athletes, we are supposed to look away.

  2. White Commenter

    Is there a reason this is titled ” White Thugs ” …. are you implying that the definition of a thug suggests a certain color? Why cant they just be Thugs- as they should be described? The racism and ignorance I’ve encountered thus far on this blog site are appalling. I’m sure the republican party would be upset with all of you for spreading such rubbish in their name.