Which tomorrow do you want?

Posted April 27th, 2011 by Jim Ettwein

Tomorrow is the penultimate meeting of Duh-val’s Secure Communities.  There are two possible scenarios…

Tomorrow #1 appears in the news…

 Immigrants Finally Have Their Say in Secure Communities

Today the state held a meeting to discuss Secure Communities.  In past meetings, many citizens who support SC showed up to express their views and show their support for this program.  Today, it was just the immigrants who appeared.  The “other side” seems to have lost interest. 

Tomorrow #2 appears in the news…

Secure Communities Continues to Draw Heated Discussion

Continuing the debate from the previous sessions of Secure Communities meetings, supporters of the federal program demonstrated their knowledge of the facts and presented counter arguments to the immigrants and their supporters at the next to last meeting to be held by the Patrick administration.  Debate was heated at times, as the busloads of immigrants expressed their fact-free arguments against SC. 

My question to all of you… 

Which TOMORROW do you think you’d like to read about?  We need everyone possible to show up tomorrow in Chelsea.  We need you to be there early.  We need to show force and support for SC.  The other side will be there in great number.  You should be too.  rr


2 Responses to “Which tomorrow do you want?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Yes, rr we will be there with the facts to counter the Immigrant advocacy propoganda. The citizens of the commonwealth deserve protection from criminals whether they are legal or illegal. If they are the latter there is no logical reason why they should not be subject to deportation.

  2. Mark Cain

    Any thing happen worth talking about?

    Did the bus hit the road again?