Where’s Hillary? Where’s Waldo?

Posted October 14th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hi Americans! 

Waldo     HRC in Moscow  Have you missed Hillary from your evening news?  Today she’s returning essentially empty-handed from yet another overseas meeting.  Yesterday in Moscow she heard a lot of “Nyet”.   The Russians are not about to piss off a cash customer by engaging in sanctions against Iran.  All she could wrangle was a vague promise of “maybe” – if inspections fail to achieve results.  Where’d we hear that before?

HRC China

HRC China

So the sad tale of the Traveling Pants Suit is she’s been assigned to go around the world – visiting country after country, and building a résumé of failure after failure.   Her boss doesn’t really care,  – this was his [or Axelrod’s] plan all along.   With each state visit, each meaningless handshake, each empty commitment,  – Hillary’s presidential aspirations are fading farther and farther into obscurity.  Come 2012 or 2016 she’ll have no warchest and no backers.   Worse, at the rate she’s being kept moving,  she’ll be near collapse.   Meanwhile, she can hardly monitor events at Foggy Bottom.   But [snicker] you can be sure that Bill is enjoying her travels.

 Understand Emperor Obama’s priorities, and understand Czar Putin’s priorities:

Obama:   To rapidly complete the destruction of American Free Enterprise and American Capitalism, – replacing it with a New World Socialist Society – run by him.  ObamaCare if it passes will help in this task,  but is really a smoke screen for his destruction of our dollar and our credit.  In just nine (9) months the Yen and the Euro have replaced the US Dollar in many foreign markets.

Putin:   To restore as much of the former USSR under the Russian Federation as possible, and to achieve power parity with the USA.   He is continuing the Soviet Cold War strategy of keeping the Americans busy with proxy wars – such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and even Cuba.   So for the moment the threat of Iran developing an atomic bomb is something he will quietly aid and abet if it will keep US eyes off what he’s doing in his own back yard.   And, he needs the cash to pay his military. 

No Handshakes

No Handshakes

The Russians can barely fake being polite to Obama.  They mock him,  as in his July trip to Moscow when they wouldn’t even shake his hand.   And yes,  with these modern-day fascists, it is racial.

NOTHING Hillary could have carried with her – or could have said to Medvedev – could have changed anything.   She is simply acting out the steps of a dance choreographed by higher powers and more evil minds.   She is being used, used up, and will find her place alongside so many others – under Obama’s bus.  You thought it was all about Republicans and Democrats . . . ?  Silly you.  

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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