When Non-Citizens Vote In Our Elections

Posted February 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The reason so many Americans don’t bother voting – even registering each election cycle – is that they’ve lost faith in the system.
Ohio’s SecState John Husted – a Republican – is trying to fix that by auditing voter rolls.   So far he’s found 385 non-citizens registered to vote.

Add this number to his 2013 and 2015 audits , and the number of non-citizens registered to vote in Ohio was 821.   Of these, 126 actually cast a ballot!

Anybody wonder why Governor John Kasich was so pro-immigrant and so anti-Trump?   In many local Ohio elections the outcome is often a dead heat – decided by one or two votes.  So illegal votes matter!

In most states the Secretary of State is the Chief Election Official.  It’s a well-paying job that nobody thinks much about until election time,  and a really tight race.

Anybody remember Florida and the hanging chads?  I still shudder to recall how close we were to having Global Warming pitchman Al Gore as POTUS 43….

Trump was mocked for saying that there were likely millions of illegal votes cast for Hillary….and the media quickly pounced:  “Where’s your PROOF?”

But all states aren’t blessed with honest SecStates like Ohio’s Jon Husted.

Here in MassHole we have William Francis Galvin – who acts like a choir boy,  but can see no evil.   After all,  didn’t your Republican GrandPa always want to vote Democrat when he was alive…?

Just over the border in New Hampshire they have a particularly egregious case of a corrupt SecState who will do absolutely nothing to disturb the mystic and sanctity of New Hampshire’s “First in the Nation Primary”.   So he refuses to see video of college professors busing kids from polling place to polling place…..

You see, in NH,…that First in the Nation Primary is both a point of pride – AND big $$$ bu$ine$$.   Bill Gardner will protect it to his deathbed!

West of here lies New York,…the Cesspool on the Hudson…. Can you spot a potential problem…?

I’ve often wondered why with her qualifications,  Rossana didn’t try for a job with Deval Patrick…?

And on the Left Coast,  California boasts it’s 18.2 million voters now outnumbers the total population of the 46 least populous states. (They ~ may ~ be using Common Core Math).  Do you honestly believe any effort was made in 2016 to keep illegals and non-citizens off the rolls, – or out of the booths?

Ohio SecState John Husted is the unusual among election officials,  – he actually cares about the integrity of the vote and your right to have your vote counted,  – and not stolen.

Funny how they figured out how to put photos on EBT Cards and Driver Licenses and School IDs….

.but STILL Democrats think it would be “RACIST” to show ID to vote?

Do they mean it would be difficult for illegals to get the proper ID Cards?

Wouldn’t you like to see the US Justice Department teamed up with ICE to do an audit of 20 precincts in each state during 2017,….and deport all the illegals they find,…and jail the town clerks to let them on the rolls…?

2 Responses to “When Non-Citizens Vote In Our Elections”

  1. Kim

    I understand that Galvin is wanting Mass to participate in a region-wide voter registration system so that it is easier for town clerks to identify voters registered in neighboring States as well as in Mass. I’m not sure where that discussion sits currently but it would be a good first step.


    It just means that Galvin is WELL AWARE there is massive voter fraud going on, – but he doesn’t have the guts (political will) to confront it – – because it would mean some city and town clerks going to jail!

  2. Catherine

    Again we see that the nation rises or falls based on local ethics and morals. The Town Clerks and Registrars of Voters are the first stand against these anti-American practices, and these are the people who (should be) easier to replace than the crooks at the top.

    Even those who are left-leaning can be worked on; give them the line that every illegal vote disenfranchises poor and minority citizens disproportionately. Why do they NOT care about injustice done to the poor?!?! This tactic has the added benefit of being absolutely TRUE.