When Cops Side With Thugs

Posted June 2nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Union Cops hassle, threaten, then arrest USMC Veteran protester – “…you’re gonna get your ass kicked!”

Wisconsin’s Recall Election is nasty – union cops in Milwaukee remove pro-Walker Marine veteran, arrest him. When the ‘LAW’ is on the side of the goons, who’s rights are safe?  Now watch what had happened just prior to the arrest.

NOTE how totally unwilling the union protesters are to have even a single pro-Walker voice present in their midst. What are they afraid of?

One Response to “When Cops Side With Thugs”

  1. Paula Revere

    This Patriot had real guts to stand amongst that den of vipers! I hope he sues and gives them a taste of their own medicine. I’d also like to add that the police in this video acted stupidly.