What Kind Of President Do You Deserve?

Posted September 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

What makes you think you’re somehow ‘entitled’ to either ‘good government’ or an honorable patriotic president?
A president we deserve
Other than pay taxes, – what have you contributed?

There is an age-old saying that “…people get the government they deserve!”

Certainly in 2008 and again in 2012 Americans deserved to be punished for their selfish behavior and public displays of abject stupidity – and they were!

Barrack Hussein Obama Jr., – a man totally undocumented and totally unvetted was elected,  – then re-elected despite Benghazi,  – because Americans had one sole overriding concern – to ‘wash away forever the stains of Slavery’.

And for eight years our economy, our prestige, our military has suffered, – and very directly, hundreds of thousands of people across North Africa and the Middle East have been killed – to include Americans, – while Obama shrugs and plays golf.

Obama victims  Foley and Stevens

Go ahead, ask any Hillary supporter who James Foley and Chris Stevens are.

Then ask them about unemployment in our inner cities,  and how many young Blacks have been unemployed for all of Obama’s eight years…. 

How long can this go on

Ask them to reconcile that with the message of Black Lives Matter

With Black Youth unemployment figures at historic highs – for 8 years now, – ask any Democrat why Obama feels it necessary to import Muslims into our poorest cities?

What has Obama Done for the inner city blacks

And why does Hillary want to import even more…?  Is it to strengthen America through multiculturalism,  – or is it to take us down to Third World status…?


Have you merely been a spectator,  – reading a few blogs,  – leaving no comments,  and quietly keeping your head down during this election cycle,  – as you did in 2012?

Is there a TRUMP sign on your car?   Or are you afraid of pissing off a relative?   Do your relatives mean more to you than your country – and the country your kids will be stuck with?


Trump gets it

WHEN are you going to write a Letter to the Editor of your local rag?

If you won’t work for a decent president,  – you’re highly likely to get Hillary for 8 years,  – followed by Michelle Obama for another 8

That takes us through 2032,  – by which time our Constitution will have become a forgotten joke.

Here’s a nightmare thought…. Do you think that President Michelle Obama might be inclined to punish racist America, – by letting the Muslims and the Chinese split the country between them – right down the Mississippi…?

Far fetched…?  How about an American president bowing to a Saudi King?

Obama Bowing to Saudi King Abdullah

How about an American Secretary of State collecting $100 Million from Arab Kings?

AND…thinking there was nothing wrong with that…?

Hillary  Arab Money

Is SHE the government your kids and grandkids deserve?

4 Responses to “What Kind Of President Do You Deserve?”

  1. Mt Woman

    I truly believe that if Trump is not elected our next President, we can write-off America as a great experiment that lasted shy of 300 years before collapsing in defeat like the Roman Empire to self-indulgence and cynicism of the population. What Obama has not given away in terms of our rights, property and liberty, Hillary will triple-down on and carve up and dole out for the sole purpose of fattening her wallet. http://www.mcet16.org
    I’m attending the Restore America conference in Boxborough on Saturday, September 17. I intend to be part of the Trump movement and also have volunteered to help out at the Trump Hudson HQ.

  2. Sherox

    My fear is that the people actually elect Trump but due to voter fraud and the rigged ballot machines, the election is stolen.

  3. Kojack

    I’m doing everything I can think of including bumper stickers on magnetic backings(so I can take them off for the car wash), yard and window signs(the windows on my front porch on a busy street), making modest contributions to where I think they will be the most effective and I talk to everyone I can.

    Unfortunately other supposedly enthusiastic Trump supporters I talk to are not doing even those simple things but the most discouraging and disturbing thing for me is the total apathy and ignorance of the younger generation including in my own family. The teachers unions have done irrevocable damage to our society and country. We MUST take back the public school system if we are to win this fight.

    As things stand, I fear that even if we push Trump over the finish line it will only delay the inevitable, but I will never stop fighting the good fight because it’s the right thing to do for those who came before and sacrificed so much.

  4. William Clark

    There are maybe 3 yard signs in my entire town, the friends that are traditional conservative republicans have admitted to sit this one out.

    At our Saturday morning “Guys” breakfasts the 3 Republicans in the group have stopped talking about it, in there eyes it is over.

    They are older traditional republicans, they can’t stand “teabaggers”.

    I think it was when Trump said “We have Nuclear weapons – but we don’t use them” – “we should let other nations have them, and named a few.

    270 – Just a few “talking head” on the new channels talking about this now.

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