What Drugs Is Nancy Pelosi On?

Posted April 26th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If she wasn’t such a hateful and evil bitch, – we might ~ almost ~ feel sorry for her.   But it seems time and medications are taking their toll.  How much longer can she last?

House Democrats better start thinking about a replacement minority leader,  and that is likely to pitch Steny Hoyer against James Clyburn.

Here is a 1-minute segment of Pelosi’s speech to Refugees International.  Watch as she mispronounces common words and country names.  She is either on powerful drugs – or something is eating away at her brain.

We wish her a happy and pain-free retirement.

It would be kind’a fun watching her trying to explain to Saint Peter about how  (1).  she claimed to be practicing Catholic, and yet (2).  fought so hard for abortion all her political life.

3 Responses to “What Drugs Is Nancy Pelosi On?”

  1. FLICK

    Poster babe for term limits. If California wasn’t so f’ed up in its own right, they would be embarrassed to admit she represents them. Or am I confusing this with Massachusetts?


    She represent San Francisco Flick,….should be all you need to know….

  2. Kojack

    The democraps didn’t notice anything wrong.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    It seems to me one must have a brain for something to be eating away at it….

    It will indeed be interesting to watch Hoyer and Clyburn go at it for Democratic congressional leadership. Clyburn screamed bloody murder (and racism….!) when Pelosi was selected minority leader over him. As Whip while she was Speaker, Clyburn had the big office, the staff, the power, oh, and the limo and driver…. Didn’t want to give that up, so he stomped and bitched and whined until the Democrats found him another big office and paid for his staff and limo and driver…..

    These clowns are pathetic.