What Did You Learn About Babi Yar?

Posted September 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Back in school did you learn what it is,  – where,  – or what was happening there 75 short years ago?
School teachers and Democrats don’t want you to know about Babi Yar,  – or the thousand other places like it,…because it would thwart their efforts to outlaw guns and overturn our 2nd Amendment.

The German Army in 1941 had special units – the Einsatzgruppen – whose primary mission was to enter captured areas right after the infantry rolled through,  and round up Jews and Slavs for execution.

These were hardly the best or brightest young Germans.  They were more likely to be the worst educated, dullards, and bullies;  – young men who could spend all day shooting women and children,  – then go and enjoy a good dinner,

 – and then come back and kill more tomorrow.


Such mindless unthinking uncaring men still live among us.

You will see them each election season,  – the union members obediently holding signs for Democrat candidates,….

..because their union bosses told them to.

Our Founding Fathers – the Framers of our Constitution – fully understood the phenomenon of mass killings being permitted or even ordered by ruthless kings.

They knew their history,  – and they had lived history.

They understood how many times rulers had turned one group of people – one tribe – against another, and sanctioned their extermination.

The cult called Islam still justifies – actually demands – mass murder!


Thus they understood the unique accident of History that had allowed Americans to grow fiercely independent,  – as armed citizens united for the common defense – against indian tribes, pirates, thieves, – or even the King’s soldiers.

By September 1787, they knew that Americans had become something different from all other people on earth,  – being fiercely free, (almost ungovernable),  because they were all armed,  – and willing to fight for their God-given rights.

Even today most peoples around the world are not called ‘Citizens’,  – they are called ‘Subjects’.  And significantly,  they are unarmed and helpless before the whims of their rulers.

So when Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maura Healey, Senator Squaw, Ed Markey, or Jim McGovern(ment) talks about “getting these military-style assault weapons off the streets”….you need to hear the alarm bells of tyranny ringing!

Disarming the population is the first order of business for dictators.  When only the Army and the Police have guns,  a trench can quickly and easily be filled with the bodies of the unwanted,  the undesirable,  – or those stubborn trouble-making Republicans.

In 1941, Babi Yar was a ravine – outside the city of Kiev in the Ukraine.

In two short bloody days the troops of Einsatzgruppe C under the command of Otto Rasch and Paul Bobbel – aided by the Kiev Police Department – rounded up and murdered nearly 34,000 Jews, – men, women, and children.

It is believed that less than 30 survived,  – most by laying in the ditch naked and playing dead until covered with other bodies and dirt.

NO,  under Stalin – and earlier under the Czars,  these people were not permitted to own weapons. They were at the mercy of their local police,  – and whatever army was occupying the land at the moment.

Do you really fear ‘military-style assault weapons’, – – or do you fear our ruthless despotic would-be dictators, – aka the Democrat Party?


Somebody,…name a Democrat you’d trust with your life….

Think about this Folks:   WHICH POLITICAL PARTY…has managed to ‘justify’ the industrial-level mass murder of Black and Hispanic babies…

– paid for by Taxpayers,…  

– and package it as “a Woman’s Right to Choose”?


WHICH PARTY always acts like THEY are the smarter – more enlightened people?

Niki Tsongas - War on Babies

Like it or not,  there is very little real difference between today’s (Democrats / Progressives / Socialists) and the National German Worker’s Socialist Party…..


Can you believe….today there are STILL American Jews who are against gun ownership,  – and who will always vote for Democrats?

8 Responses to “What Did You Learn About Babi Yar?”

  1. Marty Lamb

    June 14, 1941 the Nazis rounded up the Jews of Krasnostav Ukraine, including my Great Grandfather Chaim Grenfeld and 30 of my family members. The Jews were forced to dig their own graves before they were lined up and shot.


  2. Kojack

    Sadly, the MAJORITY of Americans of Jewish ancestry are liberal democrats and a few are outright communists(not much difference really). Both groups are rabidly antigun.

    In the context of the history of the Jewish people this is very troubling and perplexing.

    There is a pro-gun Jewish group called ‘Jews for the Preservation of Firearms’ which works with the NRA. I haven’t heard anything about them for a few years.

  3. Catherine

    JPFO dot org is STILL there today. If anyone thinks the NRA is hard-core, they look like leftist wussies compared to the JPFO.

    JPFO has some GREAT informational pamphlets they print, showing the racist origins of gun control in this country. Plus DVD’s and more. Their documentary, “Innocents Betrayed” is available in their store – but also on YouTube. Hard going; they pull NO punches. Worth every minute of your time but refrain from eating immediately beforehand and have a box of tissues handy.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    The absolute horror of what can happen to a people after gun confiscation is unthinkable. We cannot allow this to happen.
    The Democrat agenda, to continue to chip away at our Second
    Amendment is a very dangerous path to take.
    Obama and Clinton will work to get a Supreme Court to strip away
    our rights, our last line of defense from an increasingly totalitarian government.

    The number of victims who lost their lives because of gun control is approximately 70 million people in the 20th century. The rule of law becomes transplanted by the rule of power.

    There are many Jewish people who legally own guns, and do understand the tremendous danger in what the Democrats are
    trying to foist on us. They will vote against the danger to
    our country and the world in Nov.

    People WAKE UP, nobody will be exempt from the dangerous world
    we will have if Clinton becomes president–G-d forbid.

  5. Mt Woman

    In only 8 short years (seems like eternity) we have seen our rights and personal liberty eroded under Obama. We absolute will not survive another 4, our nation will be forever lost. For those who believe we need to hit rock bottom before we wake up–STOP KIDDING YOURSELVES. We hit rock bottom somewhere around 10 years ago and have been in freefall since. If we can’t win this one, there is no longer any hope.

  6. Walter Knight

    It’s an odd phenomenon that many people live conservative, but vote for liberal Democrats because they think Democrats care.

  7. Sherox

    We have to stand up and take control of our government. After all, We the People are supposed to be in control of the government. We must do whatever it takes.

  8. Smitty

    Jews like George Soros are prevalent in the democratic party. They are the useful idiots the marxist like to brag about.

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