Welcome Back To The Swamp Robert!

Posted May 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

So much for a quiet graceful retirement…. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is drafted to return as the Special Prosecutor the Democrats have been demanding.

Unless he ‘finds’ that Trump committed a crime,  – the Dems will STILL be crying “COVER-UP”…for decades to come.   After all, they’ve convinced themselves that Hillary was “the rightful winner”.

This is the level and kind of activity that the Washington insiders crave!  Investigations, hearings, finger-pointing, blame-casting, and their beloved word – “IMPEACHMENT!”

DC Democrats and their Media Allies have been craving a Republican Impeachment for these past 18 years – as payback for Republicans humiliating Bill Clinton.

Mueller will be pressured to deliver at least some fresh blood into the waters of the Potomac.

The MEDIA is gleeful.   They now has the story line they’ve been waiting for since Election Day – a chance to “…invalidate the Election of 2016”.

Somehow they believe that Hillary can still be parachuted into the Oval Office, – – as Trump is frog-marched off to prison…. It’s the dream they see every night….

So they expect Mueller to ~ somehow ~ indict Mike Pence as a co-conspirator… That pesky 25th Amendment is just so bothersome!

We Republicans need to hope that as part of his investigation, Mueller looks into the criminal actions of the Obama Cartel during the 2016 Election,  – to include the illegal use of our Intelligence Services for their own political purposes,  – and the illegal unmasking of US Citizens caught in NSA surveillance.

Maybe he can find out who ordered the murder of Seth Rich…

The SWAMP has won Round One,  but it’s hardly over!

5 Responses to “Welcome Back To The Swamp Robert!”

  1. Kojack

    This is one of the consequences of Trump NOT starting out on the OFFENSE from day one. The DEMOCRAPS AND THE RiNO’s have been floating the I-word since BEFORE the inauguration. From that along with the announcements of DEMOCRAPS boycotting the inauguration, the VAGINA-HAT PROTEST in DC and similar indicators there was no doubt that there was going to be an all-out fight/resistance.


    It’s still early, we better just hope that Mueller isn’t part of the swamp and Trump can recover. We all know the collusion thing is a nothing burger. Evidence can be fabricated as easily as the non-issue itself.

  2. Marc

    Anybody who’s paying attention and hasn’t been thoroughly dumbed-down by the popular culture ought to realize from the past five month’s performances that there’s something seriously wrong with the government. The democrats, the RINOs, the hoaxing mainstream media, the entrenched government bureaucrats (“deep state”), and Marxist academia are all conspiring together to wage a coup against Donald Trump. They used to call this “sedition” and I don’t understand why Trump’s people doesn’t treat it as such.

  3. Michael W Dane

    Sure looks that way Marc…

  4. Walter Knight

    the funny part of a special prosecutor to investigate illegal Russian influence is that Democrats are apt to be indicted for accepting bribes (money for speeches).

  5. Walter Knight

    As for Seth Rich, there’s nothing there except the ironic circumstance that he was murdered by the very street thugs he made a life of defending. Liberals don’t learn life’s hard lessons until it’s too late or someone gets killed.