Warren Buffett: World’s Richest Baby Killer

Posted May 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

What? You thought he was just a shrewd investor “GrandPa” has given $1,200,000,000+ to abortion groups, including $289,811,421 to Planned Parenthood!
Warren Buffett   Abortion money
How many media outlets will report this? WHY does Warren Buffett hate American babies? How many were Black babies?

2 Responses to “Warren Buffett: World’s Richest Baby Killer”

  1. Walter Knight

    There is a double standard on the abortion and other issues. It’s easy to understand, no matter what your opinion. Conservative Republicans are vilified.

    If you give $1,000 to a ballot initiative in California to defend traditional marriage, that’s controversial, even though it passed. If you give $1.25 billion to promote abortion, journalists, who are wildly pro-abortion, don’t dare see any controversy.

  2. Jim

    Wow! My first thought was you made a typo and a decimal must be misplaced. Not so. What a sleaze.

    I’ve always thought he was a showboating, hypocritical sleaze though.