WARNING: Take Your Guns To Church!

Posted September 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Emanuel Kidega Sampson came to the USA as a 4-year old boy.  Something inside of him rejected the peaceful values of his new country.  He walked into a church this morning and started shooting at people….

An armed usher stopped a bloodbath. Take your guns to Church!

In Massachusetts Sampson would be at Bridgewater – “for evaluation”.

Thankfully, Tennessee still has the Death Penalty!   With luck the day will come when Citizens there won’t worry about him breaking free and killing others…

…but until then,  Sampson is a large and dangerous beast for cops and guards to have to deal with.

The FBI will investigate to see if there is anything deeper to this.  I wish we had a more trustworthy agency.

4 Responses to “WARNING: Take Your Guns To Church!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    It’s a shame the armed usher didn’t have a killer instinct or better shooting skill. It would have been much easier on the purses of Tennesseans, and we’d have one less scumbag to pollute the human gene pool…..

  2. Asusue

    It is at the sad point today that upon entering small, church, or movie theater I always scope out the possible exits.

  3. Mt Woman

    Had the church usher shot and killed the scumbag, he would have been labeled the bad-guy. Best he did what he did and simply subdued him. Although I would love to scumbucket 6 feet under, he would have been a celeb had he been shot to death by the usher.

  4. Kojack

    I agree with GreenBeretLTC. Who gives a rat’s behind what a bunch of lib-TURDs think?