WARNING For Acton-Boxborough Schools

Posted March 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The ROAD to HELL is Paved with Liberal ‘Good Intentions’!
Rockville, Maryland’s high school looks a lot like AB.    But for one 14-year old girl there,  – life will never be the same.

It seems that the Rockville school system turned a blind eye to the illegal status of two male students – one from El Salvador and the other from Guatemala

They just put these two into the 9th grade….

On Thursday these two accosted the 14-year old girl in the hallway – and asked her for sex.

When she refused,…they pushed her into a boy’s bathroom,  – into a stall,…and took turns raping her….

Henry E. Sanchez – 18 from Guatemala

Jose O. Montano – 17 from El Salvador

…are being held without bond – both charged as adults.

Now the taxpayers of Maryland will have to pay for their legal defense,  – their prison time,…and the counseling for their victim.

WHY?   Because Liberals turned a Blind Eye to the LAW!

Somehow these two don’t seem to qualify as Obama’s “Dreamers”.


Look,…listen,…and LEARN!   As your local Progressive idiots hippy attorney Danny Factor and State Senate disgrace JamieBoy Eldridge advocate turning your town – and thus your schools – into a “sanctuary town” – –

…this is EXACTLY the kind of ‘unintended consequences’ you will be risking for your children…

Of course Factor and Eldridge have few worries,  – nobody is likely to rape them

.but your daughters,….your grand-daughters…?

Please note again the age of the victim – 14.

In the Third World – where these two rapists come from,…that age is perfectly OK for marriage….or for prostitution.  They came here illegally with that Third World value system deeply ingrained.


2 Responses to “WARNING For Acton-Boxborough Schools”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Any chance the parents could individually sue each and every school teacher, administrator, secretary, and school committee member, superintendent, and others?

    Any chance the father could have a little “private time” with a 2×4 and the illegals?

  2. Panther 6

    Another example of what open immigration and sanctuary policies can lead to. The libs will say well that could have happened by legal citizens as well as illegals – and that is true. BUT it didn’t and it should not have happened. These two lads should get the maximum the law allows but Maryland is a lib state and they may escape with a hand slap as they are mistreated by society. Yes right. I like the two by four idea from Brennan above. Then legal justice as well.

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