Vote Searching Dems Become Anti-White

Posted January 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Deep down,  Democrats have always been a scary bunch.  Once you get past their insincere smiles and flaccid handshakes,  – and see their core beliefs and resulting policies,  – you find gut-level racism.

Now they’re lost an election they knew was ‘in the bag’.  Suddenly they’re going to blame their own white members…?  That their knee-jerk reaction is to blame their own white members,  – and not their racist voter-plantation policies,…is both hysterical,…and very revealing.  Scary video below the fold:


Sally Boynton Brown – an Idaho Democrat Party executive,  – gives her pitch to become the next Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.   Since Idaho has just 0.8% Blacks,…I’m not sure how much she knows about race politics….

But hypocrisy was never a deterrent to Democrats….

I love her passion about telling White people to “Shut Up!”

If they want a DNC Chair who hates white people, – why not just draft Michelle Obama?

It would complete the Obama Transformation – of a Democrat Party which pretends to champion Blacks (while keeping them on the voter plantation),  – into a party which will barely tolerate White people – if they keep their mouth shut….

Woodrow Wilson,…are you listening…?

Here, – for those who want a little history lesson….

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