Vile Democrat Trish Causey Tweets

Posted May 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

…something so vile, – so loathsome, as to be utterly un-American!
Trish Causey vile democrat

Her tweet is below the fold – so disturbing I urge you to put down any food or beverages….

…and sadly, rather typical of Democrats who expect to see Hillary follow Obama into the White House, and who will overlook or bury any atrocity to make it happen.

Trish Causey masterbation tweet

Over the years I’ve urged you to click into RRB, and use
parental discretion in letting your teenage kids read particular items.

This woman’s tweet [she’s running for the US Congress from Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District] could be one of those you share with your teenager

It is a highly visible display – in your face – of how Democrats will stoop to anything to brush aside bad news and cover up Obama’s wrongdoing and lies.

It’s a good lesson how somebody might look pretty on the outside, – but be twisted and ugly on the inside.

We can only hope she is soundly defeated, – because she could become the next Wasserman-Shultz or the next Pelosi. She is THAT twisted!

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