Vermont Governor: Drugs Overwhelming Us

Posted January 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

In his State of the State Address, Vermont’s Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin used his ENTIRE address to discuss the growing crisis facing Vermont – from the rising tide of drug addiction and drug-related crime spreading across Vermont”.
 Vermont's growing drug culture
And he’s surrounded.  To the south, Massachusetts has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana ‘for personal use’,  and to his west NY Governor Andrew Cuomo aided by NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio will soon decriminalize it too.

Vermont is a beautiful state – all four seasons.  I taught both my sons to ski there.  Tourism, dairy farming, maple syrup production and IBM account for most of the state’s income.  Now the drug trade is the growing big business….

There are more cows than people in Vermont,  and the 600,000 people have always maintained a healthy skepticism toward government and laws. Their two US Senators Leahy and Sanders – are both committed socialists.

Snowmobile wreckRRB commends Governor Shumlin for using his bully pulpit to call attention to the culture of poison that is slowly killing his state.

Drug-induced low expectations will mean decreased productivity, – even as the rate of violent crime and automobile [and snowmobile] deaths go up.

Non-drug users will pay for it all, – starting with the kids.  And of course all the long-term marijuana smokers will stand firm and tell you that “weed is harmless and non-addictive, – and you don’t know anything about it”.

Stand by Vermont, and keep your guns loaded and handy.  Zombies are coming your way!  Some are your OWN kids!
Zombies Coming

5 Responses to “Vermont Governor: Drugs Overwhelming Us”

  1. Hawk1776

    Let’s see. One of the Vermont Senators (Lahey) is a Democrat (but he’s not too bad). The other is a socialist (Saunders) who votes with the Democrats. The Representative is a Democrat. The Governor is a Democrat. Democrats control the state Senate and House. If Vermont really wants to address their drug problem it wouldn’t hurt to elect a few more Republicans.


    Hawk, you REALLY think of Leahy as a ‘Democrat’?

  2. Casey Chapman

    Vermont is the new Detroit. They’ll be asking the feds for help with the drug problem any day now. Then eventually, a bailout.

  3. Kojack

    The indigenous rock-ribbed Republicans of ME, VT and NH have been overwhelmed by the influx of MAholes and other dumbocrats from NY, CT and RI who moved there in order to escape the cess pools they created in the states they left and brought their bad voting habits with them. What’s happening in VT is just one of the results of that migration.

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  5. MR69


    You might want to skim the address before you attempt to write about it. Complete lunacy.

    Can’t wait to cancel your vote.