Two Utter Fools Meet In Baghdad

Posted June 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Maliki must be very eager to hear advice from our ‘War Hero’ SecStateafter all his success in Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine. Kerry and Maliki in Baghdad

3 Responses to “Two Utter Fools Meet In Baghdad”

  1. William Clark

    Can someone from this site offer one constrictive remark or plan to get us out of this mess, if it our responsibility?

    I keep stopping in to see if this site will adapt into something more than obstructive nonsense.

    Give us your solution and earn some creditability, anyone can cut and paste pictures and text from other sites.


    Ah William,…we are awaiting YOUR solution. Indeed, tell us how Obama-Rice-Kerry-Hagel can stop the Sunni-Shi’ite slaughter [1400 years old] and bring peace and stability to the region. Tell us how Kerry’s promise yesterday of lots more aid [to a country rich in oil] will help…?

    AND, explain how Obama’s headlong RETREAT from Iraq made the world safer for mankind and reduced global warming….

  2. Walter Knight

    The problem with liberals is they’ve never seen a war they wanted to win. War does not end until there is a winner.

    First, we need to arm and support the Kurds to allow them to have an independent country. They are the only stable and civilized group in Iraq.

    Then we need to support the Iraq government with air support until ISIS is broken. Iraqis will do the rest, especially after video of ISIS executing Iraqi soldiers. No ISIS will be taken prisoner.

    We need to support and arm the Free Syrian Army, and destroy Assad’s air force. Both can be easily accomplished, with the end result being the Free Syrian Army establishing a government in Syria, and the eviction of the Russians from their navy base.

    All this talk of political inclusiveness by Obama is just an excuse to let our enemies win. Our enemies will not change, but they respect strength. Otherwise, Iran will dominate the region. Either we project our will over there, or eventually America will be struck at home.

  3. William Clark

    It is amazing that even Walter knight believes there is a winning strategy “Free Syrian Army” if we just hold on.

    We trained the Iraqi police force, their military, I have seen first hand that these people cannot be governed. You can’t turn your back on them, one minute they talk like your friend the next they give you a S*it hand shake.

    Col. Savage, 4th ID) said they walk around all day with nothing to do like divine peasants, educated and poor.

    When we called it “OIF” we didn’t understand that they are afraid of freedom, especially outside imposed freedom.

    Sadam ruled with an Iron Fist (sorry Iron Mike) killed some enemies, gassed some Kurds, beheaded a few clerics.

    The one thing they are afraid of is a 19 year old with a joy stick controlling a drone. If more than 30 are gathered at least 10 are looking up.