Trump’s Thank-You Rally In Cincinnati

Posted December 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

On his way back from the Carrier Plant in Indianapolis,  he stopped in Cincinnati to thank the voters.  His tone was a tad different,  – (yes,  he did have fun with the media),  – and he made a key announcement that the crowd loved.
And a baby girl nearly stole the show….

Pence begins speaking at 57 min…

Trump begins at 1 hr 4 min

You can slide the RED DOT at the bottom to where you want to begin.

I think a lot of Democrat politicians should go stock up on toilet paper…..these next few years could be very difficult on them….

2 Responses to “Trump’s Thank-You Rally In Cincinnati”

  1. Panther 6

    I think Donald did well in Cincinnati tonight. It was a great talk and highly conservative in tone. Lots more folks may be trying to join the Trump Train after this Victory Tour. Just my midget opinion.

  2. Mt Woman

    Loved the thank you speech, full of hope, vision, inclusion, fulfillment of dreams–a speech that even the GOP “never Trumpers” should love, filled with a message of Growth – Opportunity – Prosperity for all people.
    Yes, Trump inspired and rallied the attendees, so completely opposite the pretentious presentation made by Obama at the Greek forum when he placed himself on a pedestal above everyone else to tell us how he was going to part the waters and calm the rough seas. LOVED IT!!