Trump’s 2018 State Of The Union Address

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It was not a “Great” speech,  but it was EXACTLY what the nation needed.  Trump’s tone and delivery was friendly, measured, down-to-earth,  and he was mostly our National Cheerleader.  It contained very powerful moments.

He did manage to disassemble more of Obama’s tainted legacy.

Throughout the evening the Dems sat stone-faced refusing to applaud or stand, as Pelosi kept turning around to glare at them – as if to keep them in control.

After the address I turned off young JPK III – he was telling lies faster than John Kerry and Hillary combined!

For the 2018 Mid-Terms,  Trump has given Republicans a LOT to campaign on;   while the Democrats keep PROVING they’re more concerned with DACA and Dreamers than they are about American Citizens!

9 Responses to “Trump’s 2018 State Of The Union Address”

  1. Walter Knight

    It was a great speech that made the Democrats squirm (on Prime-Time, baby!). President Trump looked comfortable and confident. Cameras kept panning the audience, showing enthusiastic applause, and frowning Democrats. I loved it. America loves a winner.

    The Kennedy’s slobbering response was poorly delivered rhetoric. What was that on his mouth? Lip balm or make-up gone awry?

  2. Kojack

    I also thought it was a great speech with some very effective jabs thrown at the DEMOCRAPS whose UN/ANTI-AMERICANISM was exposed and on full display. He also stuck a dagger thru the heart of his immediate predecessor, the narcistic Islamic Marxist community agitator.


    The forced, scripted scowl on the DEMOCRAPS was obvious, anti-American and totally classless. In fact, Luis Gutierez WALKED OUT WHILE THE GOP CHANTED U.S.A.!!!

  3. Kojack

    I tried to watch the LITTLE SWIMMER’S response but as Mike says in the post the LIES were coming too fast and uncreative making it intolerable. I think it would have been easier to stick a knitting needle in my eye.

  4. Panther 6

    Agree with the comments that it was a GREAT speech,,,sorry Mike better than good. The demorats attitude during the talk was ugly, sorry, surly and in my mind disgraceful. As for Mr. Kennedy, he was a total flop; Mrs. PeeLoosely made a masterful blunder in selecting him. Wonder who helped write his script? At any rate The President threw down lots of gauntlets for the demorats to either pick up or try to ignore. Ignore them at their peril come next November.

  5. Mt Woman

    Right on Panther, Kojak and Walter–It was a GREAT speech. He was magnanimous and offered many areas to be bipartisan, but surely showed up the Democrats led by the addled Pelosi and the evil Schummer. So embarrassing for the entire Democratic wing that this is what qualifies for leadership. The poll numbers today are going up–regardless of party affiliation, you had to feel good, uplifted and patriotic after listening. My guess is that it drew many who don’t typically watch the SOU address, hoping that they would see the blowhard show-man fail. Just the opposite–made people feel that they matter!
    RE Kennedy the younger and dumber–His speech was ludicrous!! The speech was obviously written and prepared before the SOTU, so it hit no specific points. However, it did show him up to be this great liberal orator with no substance, plan or willingness to work with the GOP. Will this be the Dem platform in 2018? If I were Nancy P, I would contact a real estate agent today to sell by DC mansion. She’s DONE!

  6. Catherine

    I was not able to watch most of the speech (did catch the last ten minutes or so) but read the text online today.

    I completely agree with Kojack’s “5 lines” comment.

    The beauty of Mr Trump’s wording was that in the areas where the dhimmicrats are going to argue, they CANNOT argue with his actual words without making total asses of themselves. (So, of course, they will try to excerpt out of context or just leave out any actual quote.) Who (in their right minds, so yes few if any dhimmicrats qualify) can argue that we have an opiod crisis? That violent gangs like MS-13 kill innocents? That terrorists are NOT normal enemy combatants? That higher employment for blacks and other minorities is good? That higher wages is good?

    I would not be at all surprised to see the dhimmicrat splinter into a centrist faction and an out-by-Pluto faction.

  7. Walter Knight

    If only Joe Kennedy had been wearing his Democrat kente cloth he could have been able to wipe the slobber off his mouth.

  8. Walter Knight

    Now the Left is complaining that President Trump, in a speech about America, said ‘America’ too many times. What word does the Left want? Planet? Does the Left hate America so much they can’t even stand to hear the word ‘America.”

    This is not new. My old high school history teacher didn’t like to hear ‘America’ either. He said Canadians and Mexicans are Americans, too, so we should not refer to our country as America.

    The Left and their hate America first agenda can go to hell. And, they can shove their kente cloths up their asses.

  9. Blossom Stiefel

    President Trump made American’s proud. Finally, we can be proud of our President and our country.
    When he said “My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and their right to the American dream. Because American’s are Dreamers too”.

    This was the turning point for many Americans, and maybe even this whole debate about the “dreamers”, reminding us that we have children and grandchildren with dreams too. They need to come first.

    President Trump’s mission is to make America great again for all Americans.