Trump WINS Electoral College!

Posted December 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Despite the media,  despite the Russians,  despite Hillary’s $100 Million war chest,  despite Jerry Brown letting Mexicans vote,  despite Mitt and the Never-Trumpers,  despite registering dead veterans in Virginia and stuffing fake ballots in Florida,  and too many votes in Detroit,…TRUMP STILL WON!

Now where’s that Connecticut smart-ass who kept telling us about 270…?

8 Responses to “Trump WINS Electoral College!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Here’s the wisdom of and the need for the Electoral College…. Clinton received 65.8 million popular votes, 7.4 million of which came from California alone. Trump received 62.9 million popular votes, 3.9 million of which came from California. Take California out of the equation and Trump wins the popular vote by 1.6 million votes.

    The wisdom of the Founders is exactly that large, populated states should not be able to control smaller, less populated states…. Would we really want our Republic to be a mirror of California, a bankrupt, dishonest and morally corrupt state? I’d think not….

    There is an untested, unverified stat flying about saying Trump won 3084 counties nationwide vs. Clinton’s 57…. Should this be anywhere near valid, it becomes testimony to the Founders’ wise development of the Electoral College.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    News just in: Trump loses two electoral votes; Clinton loses five. Gotta love it….

  3. Leonard Mead

    As of about 5:30PM, I believe, Trump went over the 270 Electoral College Votes making him the next President!
    It will be A NEW DAY IN AMERICA.
    It’s a day Tea Party Patriots have been working to create for a dozen years and have SUCCEEDED.
    It’s a day when, looking back, Trump will be recognized for WINNING THE POPULAR VOTE when the liberal state “motor voter” illegal votes are eliminated– those illegals who got DRIVER’S LICENSES including their “right” to vote democrat to assure their benefits continued.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  4. James

    Hello Iron Mike,

    I admire your dedication to providing fresh commentary on American politics. I was wondering if you get involved with local politics, such as going to town commission meetings. I was thinking of doing this myself.


    PS. Merry Christmas!

    You’ll need to try again with a better email address….

  5. MC

    It is a great day for America. Isn’t it ironic that Hillary lost the electoral college vote on the same day 18 years ago that Slick Willy was impeached. (December 19th, 1998 )

  6. Walter Knight

    Funding for mental health will need to be increased as the Left goes crazy.

  7. Hawk1776

    If the roles were reversed i.e., if Trump won the popular vote and Clinton won the Electoral College, we’d bemoan the outcome. The difference is that conservatives would accept the results, however distasteful it was, instead of throwing a hissy fit.

  8. Mt Woman

    Thank you Green BeretLTC for the vote breakdown, if accurate it definitely shows exactly what the nation’s founders understood. However, as insightful as their vision, I’m sure they never invisioned a loony left movement from th I see who believe in open borders and give-aways of tax payers money. They probably thought of farmers vs townsfolk having different needs.

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