Trump v. O’Blamer: It’s All About Attitude

Posted December 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The outgoing would-be dictator thought he was the “Leader of the Government”.   He intended to make significant changes,  – and he had higher ambitions.
Our new President understands he is OUR leader,   – that our nation is in crisis and being invaded by both poor Mexican peasants and 7th Century religious killers.   He seems to understand what we need, and what we expect.

We’ve known about and watched Donald Trump for decades,  – through three marriages,  through his TV show,  and various celebrity interviews back to when he was a young man.

By contrast, Obama sprung onto the national stage in 2004 – at the Boston DNC,  – where ‘war hero’ John “Reporting-for-Duty” Kerry picked lover-boy John Edwards as his running mate….from a field which included Dick Gephardt,  Howard Dean,  Wesley (weasel) Clark,  Dennis Kucinich,  Joe Lieberman,  and Al Sharpton.

Democrats,  already severely embarrassed by the racist noises of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson,  – fell in love with the young Barack Obama.

Lurch lost in 2004,  – and joined Al Gore in the Sore Loser Club.  In 2008 they would be joined by Hillary Clinton,  – who has never to this day understood how an ‘unknown’ stole her anointment.

Now that it’s happened a second time,  – she’s flailing – and blaming the Russians…

Casting blame seems to be a fallback Democrat political mode.

In 2008 Obama ~ probably ~ could have been elected even if he never made a speech or articulated a position.   Liberal America – burdened with carefully nurtured White Guilt – would have elected almost ANY Black that wasn’t Jackson or Sharpton.

And Obama – whose entire life was one of AA/EEO doors being opened for him,  – seems to this day to not understand that he was never more than a cuddle toy for liberal white guilt.

They even reelected him – already a glaring failure dripping with the blood of Iraq and Benghazi, – so that nobody could ever say “…the Black guy got cheated out of his second term”.

As the Stock Market has shown these past 5 weeks – Americans have paid dearly for these 8 years of catering to White Guilt with an inept and narcissistic pResident and his openly racist and nasty wife….

The differences between the outgoing Obama yesterday and the incoming Donald Trump could not have been more stark.

Obama was still blaming others yesterday for his failure,  and for the failure of his chosen successor – Hillary.  

Somehow…the Russians did it….

Then Trump was on TV – from Mobile, Alabama,  – thanking the voters,  repeating his core promises,  and graciously giving thanks to his key campaign staffers.

I watched, – and tried to remember a time when Obama was gracious,  – or when he thanked the American People.

All I could remember was him blaming Republicans and the TEA Party – without ever listening to them.  Us ‘people’ never mattered to him.

So now the man with an unearned law degree from Harvard and an unearned Nobel Prize (for not being Bush),  – will fade into History as America’s worse president,  – worse by magnitudes that Jimmy Carter or Lyndon Johnson.

He won’t go quietly.  He’s fully addicted to TV cameras and watching himself on the nightly news….. He was and remains a narcissist,  – a dangerous one,  – thankfully soon to be powerless.

The left-wing media will court him for awhile,  – until the Nielsen ratings show folks clicking away or just turning their TVs off.

He’ll likely write a book,  – try his hand in Hollywood,  – maybe host a TV Game show…

…but the hard-working President Trump will eclipse him in every dimension, – leaving him with only the surly Michelle to talk to….as speaking engagements dry up.

Most humiliating of all,  – he’ll have to buy his own plane tickets,…and his Secret Service detail may tell him to ‘stuff it’ in the months to come.

4 Responses to “Trump v. O’Blamer: It’s All About Attitude”

  1. Sherox

    It can’t come fast enough.

  2. Hawk1776

    Obama reinstated lifetime Secret Service protection former Presidents, which includes himself. He will receive $200K/annum beginning when he leaves office as well as numerous other financial compensation. He will be a parasite on taxpayers for a long time. However, we can all look forward to the moment he finally realizes he’s irrelevant and that no one cares what he says or does.

  3. Marc

    Man of Action vs Man of Affirmative Action…

  4. Mt Woman

    From day one, Obama covered his total and complete inexperience by blaming others–remember George Bush? Everything that went wrong or seemed to be headed in the wrong direction was Bush’s fault. He tried to keep this up for the full 8 years and America bought it. Now it’s Russia’s fault or Trump’s fault..It will never end with this guy.