Trump Rally In Delaware Ohio

Posted October 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

While Hillary was ‘resting’ after last night’s debate,  Trump was in Ohio – sounding both very upbeat and very presidential.

Hillary’s big problem today is to sort out her crooked assistants from her incompetent flunkies,  – and deciding which ones to fling under the bus.

3 Responses to “Trump Rally In Delaware Ohio”

  1. Panther 6

    I listened to most of this speech from Ohio. Donald did very well I thought and quite Presidential. I only wish he had done a little better last night. I am still a believer in the great American electorate whom I believe to be totally mad at the mess in D.C. If they will just come out and vote on 8 Nov we may avoid another Clinton in the WH.

  2. Kojack


    Now they have the opportunity to elect a competent business man who has created 10k’s of jobs, created REAL, TANGIBLE WEALTH and at least half cling to the an INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT, MURDERING, POLITICAL WHORE WITH A VAGINA!!!

  3. Mt Woman

    I am so disheartened, I am near coma–I agree completely with both Kojack and Panther 6. I believe that Trump is a brilliant man, unfortunately, his expertise and skill seems to be limited to buying-selling and investing in real estate. When it comes to his communication skills, he excelled in the swamp of reality TV and his vocabulary and ability to promote himself, his campaign, ideas and the truth have been lost in inconsequential soundbites that are geared to the level of the Kardashians.

    What works in a forum of fans and supporters doesn’t do so well on the national debate stage against a seasoned dirty politician who is skilled at lying and prevaricating the truth. I for one am dispirited and saddened for America. Like I heard last night, we should no longer be saying “God Bless America”; it should be “God SAVE America”

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