Trump Effect: Ford Retreats From Mexico

Posted January 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Not yet sworn in,  good things already happening….
Watch the left try to spin this!

Now think back – over these past 8 years….

How much of your tax money did Obama spend flying around the country – blabbing endlessly – and getting NOTHING DONE…?


Sad fact is,…Obama wasn’t even TRYING to help America!

It was ALWAYS just about HIM!

5 Responses to “Trump Effect: Ford Retreats From Mexico”

  1. FLICK

    A great start, but now he’s got to take advantage of that high and delegate that area of expertise to a cabinet member. He cannot micro-manage the economy much longer without failing elsewhere.

    Move on with other issues and put them out for the media to choke on. He’s high visibility now, more transparent in his president-elect days than the old POS was in 8 years.

  2. Catherine

    The mini-o was NEVER interested in helping America. Since Day 1, his agenda has been to weaken and destroy this country. He has NOT been “ineffectual” as so many claim; he succeeded far too well! We are in MUCH worse shape (internally and internationally) than we were eight years ago.

    It is a testament to the strength of the US Constitution, written so many years ago, that there is *anything* left of this country to re-build! So – let’s study that Constitution and see how well crafted it was, to withstand such sytemic and severe blows for so long. (The blows go back well over a hundred years; not limited to the last eight. Those have “just” been unceasing the last eight.)

  3. SpecialSnowflake

    All this hue and cry over 700 jobs? Since 2010, over 15 million non-farm jobs have been created in the US during the Obama administration. In fact, in the past five years, Ford alone has added 28,000 American jobs, an increase of about 50%. They employ just 8,800 people in Mexico. Trump can harp on various car companies all they want, but they still exist in America thanks to President Obama saving them from bankruptcy.

    Last thing: How do you feel about those 700 jobs if I tell you that they’ll be created to build electric cars?

  4. Hunter556

    I think you are confusing Ford and GM, but thats ok cupcake. As for building electric cars….great….as long as my tax dollars are not used….build electric safe places for all I care….as long as they sell, and I hear there is a HUGE market for them.

    Last thing: How does it feel to have a real man as your leader now?

  5. hugh

    Funny. I remember being on this site back when cronyism and govt. interference in the economy was viewed as bad (Solyndra, Bailouts etc.), and playing pattycake with Putin was bad (reset button). Now I have found conservatism in reality to far too many has nothing to do with conservatism and has everything to do with group think cult worship.

    What the leftists did putting Obama on a pedestal and calling above reproach is exactly what many ob the conservative side are doing with Trump.

    You guys better hope to God he ends up a conservative otherwise you’ll have tons of egg on your face.



    A couple of thought Hugh….

    1. Putin isn’t Stalin. He is ruthless, – and actually fairly clever, – and he is looking out for Russia’s long-term interests…..

    …and he is a willing ally against radical Islam, – and his troops will fight!

    So I’d rather that Trump cultivate the best of him, instead of acting like Obama and blaming Putin for Obama’s failures….like all those RED LINES….

    2. Ford’s decision to stay in Michigan was not based on government grants (as was Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, or A123 Battery), – and Trump wasn’t even in office yet.

    I see the differences as being Obama was all MOUTH, – while Trump is all ACTION.