Trump At The UN: WoW!

Posted September 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Globalists are cringing,  – the Thugs are on NOTICE,  – and his critics are dumbstruck!   In measured well-chosen words,  Trump explained American Policy to the career crooks of the United Nations.

Historic 40-min video below the fold:

There will be critics of course – there always will be.   But anybody who ever said Trump couldn’t be ‘presidential’ got their wake-up call this morning!  

THIS was the American President we’ve been desperately needing!

Some of the assembled thugs tried to seem unimpressed.

If these career UN people – and their leaders back home – are smart,  – they’ll realize that Trump just gave them their first Official Warning.   If they don’t want to shape up – they should start looking for a new place to relocate to…and some other nation to pick up the tab.

Those of us who voted for him,  are re-assured this morning by his continual references to our Constitution!   How refreshing after those Obama years!

8 Responses to “Trump At The UN: WoW!”

  1. John 'Ben' Beninati


  2. Leonard Mead

    Yes, Mike!

    How proud we conservatives are of our GREAT President Trump.

    “The USA is the greatest force for good in the world.” How those words must have burned the ears of the UN thugs and dictators before they adjourned for a luxurious lunch, drinks and free parking on the backs of their starving citizens back “home.”

    Democrats with a brain must be truly embarrassed at their treasonous party policies.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  3. Catherine

    I am proud of a President’s speech for the first time in FAR too many years.

    He got some crucial elements of our Constitution presented properly, too – and THAT is almost unknown in government these days.
    1. Sovereign power resides in the PEOPLE of the United States.
    2. The job of government is to secure the RIGHTS of its people.


    TY Catherine! For too many years I cringed every time Obama spoke. Finally, we have a President who’s on OUR SIDE!

  4. Walter Knight

    The UN has way too many employees in New York. The payroll is a scam and we’re paying for it. Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US.

  5. Kojack

    Walter, you stole my thunder. Now if he would Trump would make it so.

    I watched the whole speech on CSPAN last night. Outstanding! Hopefully the Trump we all voted for is back.

  6. Panther 6

    Agree with all the comments above. After 8 years of BHO apologizing to the world for the perceived wrongs of the USA we finally have someone not afraid to call it like it is. Not necessarily all sweetness and light but what The Donald said was true. The UN has outlived its usefulness – we pay way too much to support it. The UN should move to Zimbabwe or perhaps Yemen. I respect Mr. Trump more each day.

  7. Varvara

    I remember when the UN said it needed to fix the building because it was going to fall down. A fellow named Donald Trump, who happened to build large buildings in NYC, went over to inspect and give his opinion on what was needed. The staff, read diplomats, insisted that a new building on a campus somewhere else was needed. Trump submitted his findings and recommendations and was turned down. He had said the building only needed small repairs and he could do it under budget and under time.

    Trump also redid the Central Park ice skating rink that lay unused for 10 years because it would cost too much to fix and also that the unions weren’t too happy. Again, he came in under budget and under time and I skated in Central Park.

    I’ve been to the UN and there is a lot of wasted space!

  8. John Pagel

    First time in a long time somebody told these clowns the truth.