Trump: 25% On Steel; 10% On Aluminum!

Posted March 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

Finally!   An American President with the BALLS to stand up to China where it hurts them,  – in their bank accounts!   Throughout 2016 Trump PROMISED action on trade,  – and while some people understood what that would mean,  – most Democrats had no clue.

Today Trump fired his warning shot – and the stock market went bowl-hugging puking.  It seems too many investors never understood the economics of cheap foreign steel vs American National Security and Trade Deficits.  Welcome to reality SnowFlakes!  Don’t worry, the Markets will recover.
If we’re going to spend a King’s Ransom to rebuild our roads and bridges,  – we should be doing it with American steel!

2 Responses to “Trump: 25% On Steel; 10% On Aluminum!”

  1. Vince

    The market will go up again when they invest in American steel….

  2. CharlieN

    The market is not the thing to worry about.

    Without steel and aluminum industries you can’t build planes, tanks and ships = you can’t win a war.

    Wake up – this is a strategic decision from a man with balls.