Tommy Vietor Abetted TREASON!

Posted May 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Tommy VietorTommy Vietor is a snot-nosed punk – an Obama toadie since Barack was a senator.

His got to be White House spokesman for the National Security Council; – he was the man who was editing talking points the morning after the Benghazi Massacre.

Listen to his flippant answers “Dude, this was like two years ago!” VIDEO below the fold:

He was in a high and very sensitive position for such a young man – he is now 33. It appears that he was very full of himself.
Tommy Viedor highly placed toadie

He still doesn’t get it – that he was a key part of the conspiracy of treason and cover-up – to protect Obama from blame by lying to Congress and the American People.

Are you surprised that such a non-patriotic and practiced liar would have held an important position in the Obama White House? Are you surprised that Fox is the only networking pursuing this?

Tommy Viedor hangin with Obama

Veitor with corps of liars

TREASON?   Absolutely!  What was going on in Benghazi?

Arms were being smuggled out of the country – by the Obama administration [directed by the Hillary Clinton State Dept and the CIA] – to Syrian ‘rebels’ [i.e. to America’s enemy al Qaeda].

Something went wrong – somebody got unhappy with the dealings – and attacked.

Kidnap Scenario

An even worse but plausible scenario was that it was a White House / Egyptian plot to kidnap Ambassador Stevens – [allegedly in exchange for the Blind Sheik] – to make Obama look “Presidential” in the weeks before the election – and to focus news coverage on Obama’s attempts to negotiate, – and OFF the disaster of the economy and ObamaCare.

EITHER scenario is TREASON!  So is covering it up!

4 Responses to “Tommy Vietor Abetted TREASON!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Since so many of us have known about this devious, deceitful, treasonous plot almost since inception, why have the House and Senate committees not brought this to the floor and questioned the principles? It is inconceivable that all of this is not known by many members of the House and Senate. The fact that the media, with the exception of Fox and many of their analysts, have not only avoided, but have mocked Fox for their persistence in this matter. When will the Fourth Estate do their job as intended by the Constitution? If this plot was fully exposed, this administration should be indicted for criminal conspiracy and murder. This is without a doubt the largest scandal in our history.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The is also following this story. They have a show on Wednesday nights called For The Record, which had a whole episode on this.

  3. MC

    I can think of several DUDES who had better start stepping up:
    Boehner is the first that comes to mind. Way past time for a Select Committee!
    If he can’t Step Up – he should Step Down!

    Ret. Brig Gen. Robert Lowvell stepped up yesterday and reiterated what we all knew. Time for the rest of the military officers who were “retired” or hibernating on the sidelines to recall the oath they took and do the same.

    Since no one wants to say WHAT the pResident was doing during the evening of the Benghazi attack or why he wasn’t in the Situation room, I will draw my own conclusions which are as close to facts as what has come out of the White House.

    My guess is that he was with his FRIEND Reggie Love and was stoned while anticipating his flight to the ARIA Resort fundraising in the AM.

  4. Clifford Blake

    I hope the ruthless sob. Does not try to start a black flag operation to get the attention off of him Hillary and rice and all the other traitors. By black flag I mean start or escalates an existing war or make this Mers virus more then what Iit is. Obama is a crafty piece of shit. Speaker Bonner needs to do the right thing or throw his ass. In jail too. I say impeachment . Jail. Firing squad. GOD BLESS OUR REPUBLIC.