Tom Collins’ Ill-Timed Remark

Posted April 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

“…inbred bastards…better have funeral plans!”

Tom Collins clark countyClark County Nevada Commissioner Tom Collins – referring to the folks coming from Utah to support embattled Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy.

Now, if there is shooting and bloodshed – it will be in some large measure on Collins’ hands. 

With nerves on both sides on edge,  – federal sniper teams in place, – and well armed volunteers streaming in from Utah to stand with Bundy;  – a brazenly stupid and inflammatory remark could easily be somebody’s last straw.

LESSON for VOTERS: Pick someone who will remain level-headed – even in the worst of times, and in the midst of a crisis!

Guess which Nevada politician is good friends with Collins…


3 Responses to “Tom Collins’ Ill-Timed Remark”

  1. Tom

    Tom Collins, I thought that was a drink, must be buddies with Dirty Harry. Some of these county sheriffs still think they are in the Olde West. He has been watching too many westerns on the Encore Channel. He had better have his 3x Kevlar vest on and his helmet because with his big mouth he may just be a pre target for the opposition snipers. moulon labe!!

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  3. Casey Chapman

    They have enacted a no fly zone over the area. This tells me, that if things do escalate to a Ruby Ridge situation, the feds don’t want any video evidence.